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About Languages
  • Languages Africa is a strategic Swahili and Other African Languages Partner - Home of Native African Translations to many multinational companies, agencies, organisations, governments, schools, counties, districts and even individuals.

    Indeed it is a leading African Languages Service Provider globally which has worked for Google, Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Foundation and the likes.

    Among many other language related services that we do offer we have: Online and Offline Language Tutoring, Translating, Transcribing, Interpreting, Dubbing, and Localization!

    LA wishes to establish a working relationship in Swahili and Other African Languages translations with you. We will definitely work together since Languages Africa is now a preferred African Languages service provider to many; both nationally, regional and internationsl. Its very active and alive in the Swahili language, processing over 20, 000 words (40 pages) of scripts and documents on a daily basis. This is due to the increased demand for the language after being made an official language in Kenya and also being the fastest growing language in Africa.

    The popular African Languages list that we deal with can be available upon request and our rates are standard in all the African Languages, available upon request, except for Nuer, Dinka and Kunama which are slightly on the higher side.

    I hope we can start working and collaborating in Swahili and all the Other African language needs that you may have while we also supply you with our out of African languages needs.
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  • "Utakapoviona vikielea, utajua vimeundwa!" Swahili Proverb
    Email us for meaning....