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Karyne Ang
· November 17, 2017
Did not stay here but walked from another resort along the beach to have lunch here. 99 baht lunches and 35 baht for fresh coconuts...not the most authentic thai dishes but cheaper than most restauran...ts along the beach front. See More
Nicole Brozyno
· October 27, 2017
Staff was nowhere to be found. Our room was full of mosquitos. I spent more time killing mosquitos than anything. Room was spacious but i would not recommend.
Konrad Banaszek
· November 22, 2016
Why I gave only 1*? Even it was a quite decent resort.

Shorter version: lady on reception, which is a kinda manager, was trying cheat us and lies about rooms / houses avalibility. ...

Longer version:
I booked Bungalow Delux with garden view at agoda for quite good price, for about 4 nigths. On checkin first words of lady in reception was "I have a problem with yours booking", then she was trying to explain, in not a very kind words, that our bungalow is not available and we need to go to other room. Only thing for her was given an another room, which wasn't a Bungalow, but room in bigger flat-house. She even tried to convience me that new room is better standard (which was a horrible lie). Anyway, I've stopped an argue with her and I went to check "a better room". My head almost explode when I saw "a better standard". First of all a flat-house was in the end of resort, without garden, but with mess and with road and motorbike parking. Then I entered to room. A small, stinky room (musty smell) with tiny walls. My reaction was clear - she must to give us what I've booked. I returned to "grumpy lady" on reception and I demanded a bungalow. After some childish arguing, sudenly she found our bungalow! Room was available from the begining, but she was trying to give a room with much worse standard for price of "deluxe version".

After all we spend few nights on our booked room, but kind of disgust remains to the rest of our stay. Grumpy Lady never apologized, she was so angry that she never say "hello" in later days.

Some prons / cons:
+ bungalow was cleaned every day
+ bungalows are close to beach
+ beatiful beach
- bungalows are twins with very tiny wall between them, it wasn't a big problem, but still it wasn't described in room description
- breakfast is boring and bad tasting
- lady on reception is grumpy :(
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Alain Truc
· April 14, 2017
Staff!!! Where is the staff? Size of the pool is correct and its clean. Bungalow are old , by the bathroom you can ear your neighbors, friction doors is very noisy. No breakfast!!!
Ken Hatch
· December 13, 2016
Stayed for 2 weeks, all went well until my wife's $100 headlamp went missing the day before we checked out, Dec 1 2016. I have emailed & Facebook messaged the hotel with no response to date. Have frie...nds there now & told the hotel they would drop by to pick it up, again no response, so be cautious of your things if you stay. We certainly will not stay there again. See More
Alan Smith
· March 16, 2017
amazing location, lovely staff and nice pool
Michèle Van Rompaey
· April 13, 2014
This is a place in heaven☀️
Eddie See
· May 23, 2014
Disorganized n no directional sign to hotel.
Kim Bergqvist
· December 15, 2017
Ett trevligt och mysigt ställe med god mat och bra service.
Bo Toresäter
· June 25, 2016
Lanta Summerhouse är en perfekt bungalow o hotellanläggning för dess utmärkta strandläge och lugna omgivningar. Standarden är bra, poolen välskött, bungalowws och rum har bra standard och är välstä dagligen. Det direkta läget vid stranden, restaurangen och tillgången till massage får kropp och själ i en underbar lugn balans. Tillbringade 21 dygn här och återvänder vid nästa resa till Thailand. See More
Ulrika Samuelsson
· January 4, 2017
Mycket familjärt och tryggt. Trevlig personal, bra frukost och lunch. Enkelt boende men rent och fräscht. Daglig städning, kylskåp och nya vattenflaskor varje dag. Bäst wi-fi i boende närmast receptio...nen. Hjälper till med bokning av transfer och andra utflykter. Jättebra massage. Solstolar finns dock ej så många. Poolen sådär men vi badar bara i havet. See More
Van Dessel Ken-Sara
· January 16, 2017
Vriendelijk, behulpzaam en super leuk personeel !! Lekker ontbijt en mooie en propere bungalow �
Marie Medberg
· January 26, 2014
Fantastiskt bra...läge på stranden o pool om man önskar omväxling!!! Härlig personal o god mat....Lanta Summer House is our favourite !!!!!
Biggie Narapat
· January 26, 2017
Sara Jungat
· July 11, 2016
Bra personal, fint område, barnvänligt, Kan inte komma närmare stranden, TOPPEN helt enkelt!
Tina Laurin
· February 5, 2016
Fantastiskt läge , trevlig personal! Vi trivdes som fisken i vattnet!!! Vi lär komma tillbaka
Åke Stenlund
· January 22, 2017
Femte gången vi bor här, har aldrig blivit besviken.
สุดาพร ชีพเจริญ
· May 1, 2017
เนื่องจากแอร์ห้องที่ไปพักร้อน ตู้เย็นก็ไม่เย็นนอนร้อนทั้งคืน
Tom Christiansson
· December 17, 2016
Lika bra varje gång �
Pia Hallén
· July 5, 2014
Mycket bra boende på stranden, fina bungalows, bra frukost, inget att klaga på!
Love low season. Free Roaming.

not for riding

Hi Koh Lanta Info Members,

I`am working on our new project here in Krabi called Krabi Elephant Sanctuary (KES).

This will be a home for old, abused, blind and r...etired elephants from the tourist and logging industry.

We need help to fundraise for this new elephant home and spread the word about the project. Also looking for local donations.

Please share on your social medias about us.
Anyone having time to help, please send a pm to me.

Visit our webpage to find out more about us

I believe if we all work together, we can build a lovely retirement home for elephants here and show a new way to treat the giants.

Thank you very much / Henrik

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Krabi Elephant Sanctuary rescues elephants from the tourist and logging industries.

New Laundry building - roof ready for Solar Panel.....getting ready to go green.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

R.l.P. Mr. Sak - Best Pool Man Ever -ฝันดีนะบัง หลับให้สบาย

Image may contain: 2 people, tree, outdoor and nature

Amazing Thailand

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Amazing Thailand

การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย ภูมิใจเสนอ อภิมหาอัครความบันเทิงภาพยนตร์อิโมชั่นดราม่า ขนาดสั้นกะทัดรัด น่ารักน่าชม ผสมอารมณ์เมืองไทย 5 ภาค ในเรื่องเดียว ที่พาคุณเที...่ยวไทยสไตล์อารมณ์พาไป ตั้งเเต่ เหนือฝันล้านแรงบันดาลใจ อีสานเเซ่บนัว สีสันตะวันออก สุขกลางใจใกล้เเค่เอื้อม หรือปักษ์ใต้ ปักหมุดหยุดเวลา จะสุขจะเศร้าเหงาเฮฮา ดูให้จบ แล้วพากันออกไปเที่ยวไทย

กำกับอารมณ์เรื่องราว : เอส คมกฤษ ตรีวิมล
พากย์ถึงใจ ถึงอารมณ์ : น้าต๋อย เซมเบ้

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People in the South of Thailand ask Leonardo Dicaprio to help them fight the construction of 9 coal plants in Southern Thailand. Leonardo is connected with t...

Love low season. Free Roaming.

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yeah look at the score. you think you're fast enough? I eat your glasses and smart phones for breakfast.

Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor

say no to coal

The Island of Koh Lanta and the Krabi province are battling to save their beloved islands, their National Marine parks and their untouched coral reefs. A 800 MW Coal Plant is to be built in Krabi and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) plans to transport coal from Indonesia up in...

Say No to Coal

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Say No to Krabi Coal Power Plant

Dear Koh Lanta residents,

Many of you may not believe that EGAT is on the process of environment and health impact assessment (EHIA) of
(1) Krabi Coal Power... Plant
(2) A coal pier at the power plant for transferring coal from
ship to the plant.
(3) A coal pier at Sapan Chang (Elephant bridge).

Those two piers facilitate the coal reload from a big tanker to barges about 90 trips per day. The route from Koh Poh (down right of Koh Lanta) go through the National Marine Parks of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi Islands, up into the mangroves of Krabi.

How many steps for EHIA in the Thai Constitution (Section 67-2)? At least 3 public participations, call C1, C2 and C3.

How far of these steps? Those 3 project of EGAT already finished the C1 and C2. The last steps is preparing quitely.

Is this TRUE ? please visit the this web belong to "Health Impact Assessment Co-ordinating Unit" of the National Health Commission of Thailand. You can see the page as photo, please click at the green box, then you will find document about report on C1, C2 of those 3 EGAT projects.
Please find your Thai friends to help because all in Thai language. But this evidence will let you all knows that "the future of unique coral reefs and ecosystems in Andaman sea, especially at The Phi Phi Island and Koh Ha Islands will be gone"
Are these projects gave any adverse impact to you too?

We need your supports. Is it not too late? NOT TOO LATE why? because we found out that EGAT did not inform Lanta and Krabi locals of the dangers of coal, only good image of those projects were informed. These violated Thai Environmental Law (EHIA process), the Thai Constitution (Section 57-2 and Section 67-2) and the Rights of the People.

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