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  • Founder and OwnerMarch 1, 2016 to presentOverland Park, Kansas
    I'm the ownwer and visionary of Star Fashions, an innovative clothing line that caters to the personal visions and needs of its clients. We partner with companies, organizations, businesses and ministries to provide for the community in fun, new and creative ways including meeting the needs of men, women and children that are without clothing.
  • Spoken Word ArtistFebruary 4, 2013 to presentOverland Park, Kansas
    This is probably one of my favorite yet difficult positions. I have these amazing opportunities to utilize the power of a microphone to speak what The Lord gives me. While it can be seen as a glamourous position, it can be very heavy because my assignment in this arena is tonutilize the power of words to shift atmospheres, to shift thought paradigms and to birth change. It's not always easy, but if I'm obedient, the results are always beautiful.
  • Temperament Training SpecialistJanuary 1, 2004 to presentOverland Park, Kansas
    I travel to different businesses, companies, organizations and ministries working with their administrative staff teams to illuminate their strengths and enhance their weaknesses as dictated by their Temperament types. Most companies hire a personality consultant, which is okay but never long standing knowledge seeing as how people's personalities are always changing. To know one's core thinking and core values, you would need to know their Temperament type. In knowing that you open the possibilities of motivating them to be more profitable agents for the company they represent.
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