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Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of today's school shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

Laughing at Kids Getting In Trouble updated their cover photo.
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Any kids in trouble with the school year yet?

Tell us some funny stories! Comment below.

How about posting some pictures of kids caught in the act of doing something rotten? (Funny pictures only please)

Tell us some holiday weekend stories on our page! Laughing at Kids Getting In Trouble

Spring is upon us! Hope all of your kids are itching to get outside and cause some trouble!

We've got a great relationship with these folks. They have several representatives working as Children's advocates and special groups at homeless shelters. Lets all become fans!

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We hope everyone had a great holiday season. Anyone have any great stories of kids getting in trouble this year?

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Ok folks, our "likes" are slowing down here! Lets promote our page and get this thing going! We all know there's nothing funnier than a little guy getting in trouble for being rotten!

Having trouble with your teenager?

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Be sure to post new pictures and stories of your little ones doing rotten things!

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Lets all "Like" this new start-up page "Sideways Pictures Make Me Dizzy" !!

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My three year old was crying to get out of bed last night, the two year old yells from his crib: SHUT UP! That was followed by a few minutes of "No, YOU shut up". Couldn't help but laugh.