I have wonderful friends. Gus Adomitis, Linda Fulmer, and Tammy Hartley, saved a brown pelican today. They were casting off of a pier on Bayou Lafourche, when a brown pelican flew to and landed by them. It was as if she was asking for their help. A shiny new kale hook was through its beak and stuck into the throat. I truly believe this baby sought them out. This was one smart pelican, coming to the right people for help. A happy ending, due to my caring friends. Thank you!
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Jason Davis
· October 12, 2017
I always appreciate everything you do for the town of Leeville and the people of Louisiana. Doing what you do won't always make everyone happy, but I think the greater good is being accomplished.
Kelly Sudduth McClane
· August 15, 2017
This is a genuine caring organization that really works hard to help anyone in need and they really care about the community!!! I've been battling stage 4 cancer for about 5 years now and there's just... things that are often beyond my control and It's nice to know that there are kind loving people left in the world to help when hope feels lost!!! It's individuals like this that make communities feel like family and feel like home!!! I will be forever grateful that I have found them and for all the help i have received!!! I will continue to share about them and hope that i will someday be able to return the blessings they have bestowed on me and my family!!! See More
Shane Thibodaux
· October 26, 2017
I dislike this page because the woman blouses the local business and the local people but when the local people try to talk back she deletes their comment and blocks them from the page so they can't s...ay anything negative only she can say all the negative she wants and get away with it without letting the locals defend themselves See More
Kelly Hutchinson
· January 8, 2018
Love following all the local new of the area by a person who lives, works, eats, and fishes there! Big heart - good information! Thank you!
Claude Adams
· October 8, 2017
The only spot to get honest business reviews and solid fishing reports all year long. From weather to dining, it is covered on this page.
Karen Antley Thigpen
· October 2, 2017
We have camp rental in walking distance from the boat launch and glad to have something to keep us updated with what’s going on at the launch.
Doug Diamond
· July 24, 2017
My wife's uncle has a camp in walking distance of the boat launch. This is a great place in my opinion, not as many people as the island and plenty of fish to catch at any given moment. I'm a fresh wa...ter fisherman, but I'm quickly converting to the salt life. See More
Tom Cooper
· November 1, 2017
Love the page, love the Leeville area, great information and and community insight.
Gary Wilson
· October 8, 2017
I like the local news and updates. Will eventually get down there to use the fishing pier.
Travis Olinde
· October 8, 2017
Always helpful to hear what's happening down in Leeville!
Garrett Losee
· January 8, 2018
I followed this to hear about fishing reports in the area but it's more about stray cats now
Eric Brabham
· October 8, 2017
Great page. Very Informative and educational.
Mark Roberts
· October 8, 2017
Very informative site.
Thanks for keeping us informed!
Ruth Murray Pechon
· June 21, 2017
Very helpful information for Leeville concerning weather and activities in the Leeville area.
Jenny Sapia
· May 23, 2017
Always has helpful tips and advice! Thanks for always being available!
John Serigny
· May 24, 2017
Very informative. This site supports a community that is in dire need of public notice or it will cease to exist. Thanks, Launch Leeville.
D Brad Downs
· May 23, 2017
Very informative site. I enjoy reading the updates.

Launch Leeville is also, Launch Louisiana. We help as many as we can, to include Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and Texas

Launch Louisiana
5 hrs

We are trying to raise money for appliances, for an elderly Korean war veteran. They had no flood insurance, in a flood zone. Their home was paid for, so no m...ortgage company to require it. Due to a fixed income, he and his wife could not afford the expensive flood insurance. Due to these circumstances, they do not qualify for any assistance from the Restore program.

We helped get their home completely renovated, but now they need appliances and furniture. We have their furniture covered. If you can help out, please use our DONATE button.


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Launch Leeville updated their cover photo.
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Launch Leeville updated their cover photo.
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Will you be fishing during the Easter holiday?

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Fishing has been slow in Leeville. Very little activity, if any, redfish is the primary catch. Guides are still focusing in the Golden Meadow area. I'm assuming, after Easter, the regulars will return. The tide is extremely low in the morning, exercise caution. Tide coming up in the afternoon, but not a lot. We are looking forward to some cooperating tides soon!

Launch Leeville shared a post.
17 hrs

Workin hard for dem oysters!

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Posted by John Newsome
John Newsome to WORKBOAT LIFE

Shaft tonging

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Help Save this Sportsman's Paradise
Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition

In order to ensure water access for ourselves as well as future generations, it is vital that as many of you as possible sign-on your support. Find and contact your legislators by clicking learn more.

Bolt your items down. Rush of thieves in the lower part of the Parish. Commercial vessels vandalized and smaller boats stolen. Beware!

Small craft advisory through Wednesday.

Lafourche Parish got some too. Mother Nature gone wild!

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Image may contain: snow and outdoor
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Image may contain: car
Meteorologist Scot Pilie' added 4 new photos.

Impressive large hail-producing thunderstorm in Terrebonne & Lafourche Parishes overnight! Golf ball to Half-dollar size hail near Chauvin. Check out these phot...os from Kandace Authement. Hail was large enough to puncture holes in vehicles windshields. Rare for hail that large in extreme south Louisiana!

See More

Can't wait for my trip with Chad in May!

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Posted by The Marshrat
The Marshrat

It’s Only Getting Better!!! @BRPEvinrude @gatortraxboats @Bobsmachine @Gammafishing @fishshimano @mustadamericas @BassAssassinLures @mirrolure @Gamblerlures @costasunglasses
@fishgloomis @swaggertackle

LA 1 is re-opened at the locks

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Port Fourchon

🚨#TRAFFIC UPDATE: #La1 One lane is OPEN right now, so expect heavy delays for the next few hours. Response crews are still working in the area to clear the crash scene and associated diesel spill, so follow instructions from police on scene and #drivesafe.

Hwy 1 at locks, One lane open moving slowly.

Lt Falgout Troop C, just told me he has no idea when road will reopen. Closed both directions.