Here are some characters I do. Filmed by my amazing liege Carly Mandell.

4 Days until Nameless Numberhead! Message your girl to reserve VIP seating

Cars are the only form of transportation. Written and Performed by Nameless Numberhead: Maari Suorsa Henry Riggs Filmed at Bl...
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Well, The Kiln has been tested as a performance space, and Spencer Curry has been tested by another year of adulthood, and they've both come through, so let's celebrate with cake and comedy! And a bigger, better easter egg hunt.

Featuring headliners Nameless Numberhead from Charleston SC, stand-up from Srilatha Rajamani, music from Spencer himself, hosted by Brennan "BClops" Clark as he gets ready to release his upcoming EP. The lineup is freaking impeccable, you obviously wa...nt to see it, so we hope you'll make it out!

$5 suggested donation gets you show, booze, food, goodie bag, all the easter eggs you can find, and allows us to pay our acts. Artists deserve to be paid for their work! Reserve in advance and get VIP seating and VIP goodie bag

Doors at 7, show at 8, party til 11 because it's a Thursday. See you there!

Questions? Message me, Laura Clark!

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Thu 7:00 PM EDT114 Clay St, Cambridge, MA 02140-1743, United States
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Most of these were taken by Emmy Serviss or Kevin Quigley. Thanks to all the unsung heroes also taking pictures of me!

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I had these grand plans of redoing my reel with full costumes for every character, but then I realized, there's no better costume than your imagination! (AKA my wig budget is super tight this month)

Original characters and celebrity impressions by Laura Clark

Upcoming shows:
-Tonight 4/23 I'm telling jokes at The Palms Bar at 9:30.
-Saturday 4/27, my improv team Hello Mallory is doing the Value Menu at iO WEST at 8:30
-Monday 4/29, Hello Mallory will be participating in the iO West Student Cage Match at 11:30pm and we'd love your support!

Promo for UNBADASS, coming to iO WEST next Friday, March 22 as part of the First Annual LA Scripted Comedy Festival!

Promo directed and edited and generally made better by Steve Milliken.

UNBADASS is a one-person show from comedian and writer Laura Clark. It comes to the LA Scripted Comedy Festival on Friday, March 22. Visit

Hi friends! My one-person show UNBADASS is part of the First Annual LA Scripted Comedy Festival, and I'd love to see you there!

Show info:
UNBADASS aims to demonstrate in under an hour what’s taken comedian Laura Clark a lifetime to understand: No matter how hard you try, you can’t be Lil Wayne when you’re really Wayne Brady. You can’t be Judd Nelson when you’re really Anthony Michael Hall. And you can’t be Linda Hamilton in Terminator, when you had to turn off Terminator fo...r being "loud and scary!"

Whether sobbing through her first foray into “backtalk”, building up street cred at Junior Police Academy, or trying to force the perfect Prom Night, Laura’s gradual path to squareness acceptance is sure to resonate with rebels and total Lame-Os alike. UNBADASS had a month-long run at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA, and has been performed at the Women In Comedy Festival, the Boston Improv Festival, and the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago.


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Fri 10:00 PM PDTiO WESTLos Angeles, CA
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Cruise ship comic and Men's Rights Advocate Gabe Slotkin.

Photo courtesy of ImprovBoston.

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Very excited to announce that my one-person show, Unbadass, will be coming to the LA Scripted Comedy Festival at iO WEST! Details coming soon-- in the meantime, here's a clip:

I was gonna be so amazing at guns, you guys. I just knew it.

Chicago friends! "UnBadass" is coming to the Annoyance Theater, Sunday October 9 at 10pm! The next day is Columbu-- ahem, Indigenous Peoples' Day-- so if you don't have to work, or if you do have to work, but you really like me, I hope to see you there!

Next Playing: Sunday, October 9, 10pm, The Annoyance Theater, Chicago

I'll be performing my hit* one-person show "UnBadass" this Friday, July 29, at ImprovBoston's SketchHaus. More info at

*As far as my mom knows.

UnBadass aims to demonstrate in 35 minutes what’s taken Laura Clark a lifetime to understand: You can’t be the Judd Nelson when you’re the Anthony Michael Hall. You can’t be Lil Wayne when you’re Will Smith. And you can’t be Linda Hamilton in ‘Terminator’ when you had to turn off ‘Terminator’ for be...

Thanks for Liking my page everyone! I definitely haven't been creeping all your profiles just to read "(Your Name) likes Laura Clark."

This Friday at 9pm, I'll be doing my 1-person show, UnBadass, at ImprovBoston's SketchHaus!

Show info/tickets:

The haircut that was going to make me popular, and therefore happy. From my one-person show, UnBadass: Pathetic Tales of Attempted Rebellion. Performed at ImprovBoston, January 2011.