Don't miss this, emotional, psychic heat packed start to the MANY LIVES Series. 99c/ Free in KU.

When everything you know is a lie, how can you find a place in this unique shifter world?

I can't think, can't see anything else but Luke. I know what I must do.
The wind rushes through my hair, pulling, tugging.
Run, Maya, Run. Save Luke.
The clouds gather above, following me. Dripping, soaking me; yet I don't stop. Not even when the sweat runs down my spine, plastering my shirt to my back.
Not even when my legs threaten to give out from under me. No, I just hold onto that bond, that part of me that anchors me to Luke. I hold onto it, following it.
Bursting into the clearing, I see Luke.
His magnificent golden-brown pelt…now matted with blood. He's hurt!
A howl breaks free. I'll kill those who made him bleed. Then, one of the humans raises his gun at Luke.

Pick up this book because you love a Heroine who'd do anything to protect her pack and win back her Shifter Mate.

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Laxmi Hariharan, Author
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Tasha Black

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