Let's reframe the way we look at elections, our candidates, and the process by creating a worldwide team of informed and educated voters who do their best to direct the conversation around each election -- local, regional, national -- to the issues involved and to encourage and to give a fair chance to candidates who think and act with honor and integrity.

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If you are interested in joining a private group with the same goals to participate in a thoughtful, deeper discussion of leadership, please send me a message. The purpose of the page is to create a public forum to complement the closed discussion group of the same name.

More unites us than separates us. Keep that in mind when talking about politics and the conversations will go better.

Here at ReConsider we like to harp on the idea that behind the mass of negativity and hyperpartisanship that dominates American politics, there are mostly shared values. In Wedged we demonstrated this agreement in case studies. We showed that on even divisive issues such as guns, abortion, and ta

This explains what many of us know intuitively.

Meet the scientists finding out how can we defeat our inner trolls and build more cooperative digital societies.

This is a great review of a book I must now read. And everyone else should consider reading it, too.

would. Her very personal, anecdotal, no-BS approach to human connection vs. tribalism is a great compliment to our own work and probably a good way to reach people who aren't as responsive to ReConsider's brass-tacks take. I wanted to pass along a bit of what I'd taken away from it. I believe I've

This seems like a good, if only partial, solution to the fake news problem:

A software technique could help oversee the spread of disinformation.

Please like the Leadership With Heart page for more articles like this: It seems like both sides are doing a lot of things incorrectly when communicating with each other. The article is good, but the video goes deeper and talks about the communication aspects of the results of the study.

Political polarity is more about nature than nurture, according to psychiatrist Gail Saltz VIDEO

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Is anyone else reading Fire and Fury? I'd love to start a (civil and polite) discussion about it here.

We're having a lively discussion in the private group about whether Christmas has been "lost" because of the trend of using the more inclusive greeting of "Happy Holidays." I would love to hear from someone who can give a good reason why that is. How does using a more inclusive greeting, when you don't know what a particular person celebrates, take away from Christmas?

This seems to be one of many fabricated divisive issues, issues that focus on our differences rather than our commonalities, so I thought I'd see if I can get some feedback.

The foreword to Justice Scalia’s book (Scalia Speaks) by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “If our friendship encourages others to appreciate that some very good people have ideas with which we disagree, and that, despite differences, people of goodwill can pull together for the institutions we serve and our country, I will be overjoyed, as I am confident Justice Scalia would be.”

Most people most of the time are decent human beings and want what's good for themselves and the rest of humanity. That's the bottom-line premise of this page: Remembering what's good in ourselves and others, and focusing on leaders who do the same. The purpose of the group isn't to try to convince the outliers on the bell curve of humanity to behave decently, but instead to focus on the vast amounts of people in the middle.

Like this nonpartisan page if you want leadership with integrity and compassion. Let's make the next elections a choice between great candidates, not the lesser of two evils!

I appreciated the recent opportunity to be on the Leadership Done Right podcast.

Hello, and welcome to the Leadership Done Right podcast, Episode 27: Surround Yourself With Great People with Meg Zampino. Get to Know Meg Our guest today is an attorney, entrepreneur, strategist, writer, and experienced leader. She currently has several roles and responsibilities. She’s the presi...

Integrity Idols. Encouraging good character in our government leaders. Choosing between two great candidates instead of the lesser of two evils. What discussions are you missing out on? Stop by our closed group today and ask to join our meaningful conversation about leadership.

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BBC News

Liberia is on the hunt for its most trustworthy official - in Integrity Idol 2017.

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