Yo! This song popped in my head, so i went on a mission to find it on old hard drives. Here's a rare unreleased track that Chris Coe and I recorded in 2007

Vocals: Christopher Albrecht & Joshua Coberly Instrumental: Corey Nolet This is the first track we ever recorded, most folk haven't heard this We used to laugh mad hard that i said "unDarmed" inste


Hmmm... The Lead Heart... and The Dead Bird... Could be dangerous...

I'll let you try my lead heart style...

Sun 5:00 PM1215 Thompson Ave, Severn, MD, 21144
19 people went

"It's the bird. It must have been the bird. "

I am the dead bird. I am the little swallow at the Happy Prince's feet. I am Johnathan Livingston Seagull. The ghost of the albatross, just above the masthead. I am the dead bird. I am flight, realized, at terminal velocity; 5,000 red-wings down in Arkansas, turtle doves in England, family worldwide, turning back at the gates... rushing the gates from the inside. I am freedom, its illusion stolen, the idea someone you love has passed, ill omens on the way to work, tires where wings should be. I am the dead bird. The Augury disturbed, I am.

all my locks are pickable, thoughts predictable, the plot aint thickened, so my souls been tricked into watchin a clock thats tickin' slow

$7 is pretty cheap to offer your friends and family the gift of angst for the holidays.

14 track album

Enjoy the dead bird today, folks! Please feel free to share pictures of your kitchen mishaps, especially pertaining to Tur-Duc-Ken here.

Leadheart Deadbird updated their cover photo.
July 5, 2013
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we have added another to our audience. mothafuckin LEGION!

For those of you who may not have seen.

This is from last year around when we shot the "Super Average" music video. We just finally got around to putting this out. Music Video shot and edited by Ma...

harkening back to EPMD
darkening rap defeating trendy

I think the next LHDB track should be a straight up old school like 40 second long harcore punk rock joint where we just scream as many digits of Pi as will fit.
and we'll call it: We're So Fucking Avante-Guarde We Spit Numbers Like Its Hard

sometimes i like this song.

LeadheartDeadbird | Hip Hop | Baltimore, MD

Loves you for just knowing who we are

we really love that lil dicky track