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Stephie Ramirez
· 19 hours ago
Wow I lost all faith in this game. I get banned for defending myself in chat and never swore nor name called but then the people that called me names, swore and harassed me all game get to play? I was... degraded by the whole enemy team. Now I'm pissed. Fuck you Riot and your game. You should read the whole conversation. Will never play this nor recommend to anyone. See More
Sheldon Blanks
· February 15, 2018
i wish i could say deserves 5 stars but it doesn't.....i play this game qutie often and can be fun.....yet when your sitting there and doing well or get trolls or people being ignorant your not allowe...d to say anything to them because you know they are having fun by costing you the we must sit there and let them have fun ruining out fun.....and if you say anyhting you get banned like me for 14 days.....thats ok....ive only spent 100$ of dollars on your game and countless hours...but yep let feeders and people that like to make you tilt continue to play while us that spend all out money and actually spent time to be good suffer.....riot has made lot progress from where they once bad lot of it isnt good.....fix your used to be so amazing. See More
Richard Hurd
· February 14, 2018
Played this game for a long time, 3-4 years, it is good and highly addictive, you will spend hours, doing the same thing over and over again, up to the point where you begin to hate the game, you will... learn the company does'nt look after it's player base, full of bugs and glitches after EVERY patch, garanteed. You will learn to hate the community that plays this game and be punished for being part of that community, expect no loyalty and expect to lose lots of friends playing this game all for nothing, complete waste of time and money. See More
Zoran Sukurma
· February 16, 2018
I would like to say that this game is very good but that would be only if I neglect all the flaws this game possesses. First of all, I was banned from "in-game chat" for I have no idea how long. The r...eason? The reason was because I was just enjoying spending my free time playing a normal game (not even ranked) and there was a guy in my team that was, to put it mildly, mentally disturbed. He attacked me for no reason cause he was probably bored and didn't have life and I didn't care at all what he was writing. The he started to type that he will fu*c my little sister (that I don't have) until the blood will go out of her a*s and stuff like that so I wrote him back this "You are mentally sick and you belong to jail." that is all I typed and I reported him after the game to find out he was not banned at all but I was... I wrote my complain to Riot support and they didn't give a sh*t. Their answer was I should mind what I write not others...umm ok.
Moreover, one has to say that this game is full of noob players with accounts that are in gold,silver, platinum and sometimes even higher division and they are ruining the game for people who actually got there by their own skill which is good enough obviously to be the division they are in. For example, I am gold (mostly, because I didn't play ranked that much since I main supp) but I can tell you for sure I can play very well in platinum or diamond division which sometimes I do play cause my friend is platinum (main adc) so when I play with him we get platinum or diamond enemies. And to tell you I have never ever lost a single ranked game when I played with him and it was mostly us carrying the game (botlane). So anway, I played the game with "DIAMOND" adc who was umm I don't know which word would describe him the most so I'm going to use a few, brainless, totally unskilled and mentally disturbed cause he was so convinced that he is playing like a diamond and everyone else sucks especially me cause I was the one supporting him. So I muted him and after game, I went to check his scores from previous games and it was something like this ( 2 9, 2 10, 1 6...and so on.. plus he had actually 1 win and the score was 1 1) so diamond adc main who never actually carries any game and when he wins he wins with score 1 1... And I was flammed and reported by him and I am pretty sure I will get some kind of ban but he won't..
So Riot you can at least try to do something to fix this nonsense and get rid off those who ruins the reputation of this game and pleasure of playing it.
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Brecht Vancoillie
· February 16, 2018
​Look, can please someone inform me how its possible why some players can play ranked?

I know Bronze leagues is the most important division you guy's look after, since you don't make money with it (h...ail to the challengers!).

However, if you want people to get angry or mad, you have to keep things going like they are, right now. AFK people every time on 1 or both sides of the team(s), unskilled players for ranked (or just first timers), raging peoples (although I do it myself as well, but till...). The matchfix is not logic at all and I have not the feeling people who are reported with a good reason, get punished like they should be.

Most people I believe do want to climb up the ladder to silver and gold and how hard you try your best as an individual, just 1 player can screw up a game. But since this is Bronze leagues we talk about, it's realy EVERY game happening.
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Ravn Rognlien
· February 15, 2018
so for the past 4 days i have been hoping and trying to get in contact with someone that can help me with getting my account back. i played on EUW but transfer d to EU Nordic but i have been stuck for over 4-5 days. and i cant log inn to my account at all. And trying to get a human to help you is not easy..played the games since season 3 and i think its time to give up on it. See More
Evan J Lu
· 12 hours ago
This game is overal good BUT i think it can be better. I hate to see people fight during the game, or feeding. They called me name etc, but well i think if you silent them you should be ok. I guess need to be better is you guys should banned IP rather than acct to those people who are so toxic and feeder. See More
Szturchacz Puchacz Koleżanek
· February 15, 2018
Thanks for baning me on chat and doing this game really hard for people who try to win some games and get bad team which flames you.Go make some skins and
i am w8ting for anthoer crash and buggs bc ...the only think you care is retarded players and skins . See More
Derek Dozier
· 16 hours ago
League fuels my day. I get up, snag some coffee, and hop in a game of LoL. Play intervals allow me to pick up and put down whenever I need, yet I retain a mass of knowledge that compliments my time sp...ent in game. Been playing for 7 years now and many more to come. See More
John Gratsias
· February 13, 2018
Overall the game is pretty good and the main reason behind it is the fast paced changes happening in every patch. I love this game and I hope it's community can become good like some years ago ;p
Laner Strikal Ikal
· February 15, 2018
addictive game and has been famous all around the globe and became the number one on the twitch and so on... and the mute button has been really useful to mute the toxic player TQ skin plz XD
Devin Pulcifer
· February 15, 2018
its a waste of time and FULL of trolls I mean CoD was bad hahahah this game has more trolls than all online games combined, and worst part is you cant call out anyone for trolling you if you do ...........banned hahaha ive done it and ive been in groups doing it for fun so if you enjoy trolls join LoL ill see you there See More
Justin Kim
· February 16, 2018
Its addicting as hell because you can only finish a couple matches. Those couple matches go by really quickly and you end up wanting to play more when you can't play.
Darievladmihai Darie
· February 12, 2018
I love this game i play 1 year and Please add some free skin on facebook like Tristana free skin You can add on Skarner or Zac
Jeremy Duchesne
· February 12, 2018
gavé de la merde votre jeu bande de fdp. full retard player, full retard developpers. I hope you gonna find my account to bann my third acc because i gonna ruin a lot of retards game.
Your best cheate...r, cheers. See More
Riksen Hernandez Patino
· 12 hours ago
can you help me because my account is hackin if I can give it my email then I just want to invite those who is she
Please league of legends help my account
Emanuel Shaco Nielsen
· February 13, 2018
Love the game. But please u need to rework Caitlyn ulti. Its The worst in The game. A sniper like her should have some better ulti. A sniper dosent miss the target. Hate players can block it.
Zheng Shi
· February 15, 2018
Just look it, I think it is easy to learn and you can play with real people. It requires communication and team work.
David Jeremiassen
· February 14, 2018
I just went 9 wins, and 1 loss in placements, im not even joking i got b5
Bogdan Klaic
· February 15, 2018
You know i really liked this game until i started getting DESTROYED by master Yi/Varus EVERY SINGLE GAME. Its just sick that Riot like this thinks its OK to have full AD Varus being able to kill me in... 6 autos. Im sick of these to OP champs.Oh, and btw what idiot thought buffing master is a good idea? I mean sure he needed a slight buff but now he is a big mean Q spaming machine.In short NERF THEM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD See More
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