Our apps have had some playback problem on newer iOS versions. This should be fixed now. Please update apps to version 2.2.0 or higher from iTunes.

Please contact us if you experience problems on the new versions.

Our Eurovision app tells us the result tomorrow will be:
1. Russia
2. Australia
3. Armenia


View this year's and all the past hits in our Eurovision apps:



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Most popular shows in the Polish app last month:
1. Świnka Peppa
2. Barbie
3. Piosenki dla dzieci
4. Bernard...
5. Charlie i Lola

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Most popular shows in Swedish app last month:
1. Visor & sånger
2. Barie
3. Hits for kids
4. Bernard...
5. Lego Friends

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Most popular shows in the German app last month: 1. Barbie 2. Conni 3. Lieder 4. Mia & Me 5. Feuerwehrmann Sam

A new version of the Swedish iOS version "Filmer för barn" is out! The app is now free with an in-app purchase to enable all videos. Download it from App Store!

Despite some app distribution problems, the suit of kids video apps served more than 2 million videos last three months. Get the apps for Android or iOS via our webpage

Conclusion: German kids don't want to scroll. Or they really like characters starting on "B". Most popular in "Filme für Kinder" right now:
Peppa Wutz, Barbie, Bali, Bummi, Bernard, Lieder, Die Helden der Stadt, Bibi und Tina , Bibi Blocksberg.

The Swedish tech blog writes about us!

Kids TV är en tjänst där man listar filmer och tv-program riktade mot barn i ett hyggligt enkelt och lättfattat gränssnitt. Programmen kategoriseras i alfabetiska ordning och länkar till respektive film eller tv-program på YouTube. Det finns även appar till Android samt iOS till tjänsten och är ni i…

Check this one out! We were interviewed for a Swedish blog about parenthood.

Brukar du vara orolig när barnen tittar på filmer på Youtube? Det är lätt att klicka sig vidare till olämpligt material. Nu finns lösningen. Learning Lemmings har samlat massor av barnvänliga filmer och byggt en säker plats för barnen att själva titta.

Welcome to try out our new web interface to great videos for children! Feedback is welcome.

Maybe you have noticed that "Filmer för barn" is gone from Google Play. Let us summarize by saying: "This was not our decision".
The popular Swedish app is now available for download from
Enjoy! And don't forget to tell your fellow parents about this great app!

Filmer för Barn för Android Här kan du ladda hem vår populära app till din Androidenhet. Läs instruktioner Ladda ner appen

The Polish version of our highly appreciated application, "Bajki dla dzieci", can now be downloaded for free from Scan the QR code below or click the link to fetch it!

Pobierz Bajki dla dzieci na Androida

The Swedish version "Filmer för barn" reached 8M video playbacks during 2014. Most popular shows are Babblarna, Barbie, Visor & sånger, Bananer i pyjamas, Alfons Åberg and Bamse.…

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The german version has so far this year served 2.4M videos. It has more than 70K downloads. The most viewed shows are: Barbie, Feuerwehrmann Sam, Caillou , Der kleine Tiger Daniel, Bernard, and TuTiTu.

Time to start looking back on the year. The Spanish version was released in May 2014. So far it served 1.3 million videos to kids all over the globe. Most popular shows are: Canciones, Barbie, Caillou, Peppa, Canciones Disney and Los Minions.

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This is the usage statistics for our video for children apps. Not surprisingly the usage is big on Saturday and Sundays. But why is Monday & Tuesday bigger than Wednesday & Thursday?

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