The Language Exchange Club is recruiting! If you are passionate about the club, want to add to your resume, and/or are looking to get involved more in University life, we want you!
Applications close 23/02/2018. Please note that all Language Exchange Club positions are fully voluntary, not paid, as LEC strives to provide free sessions that are accessible to all.
Positions begin immediately.
How to Apply
To apply, please fill out this form: You can upload your resume/CV, answer Key Selection Criteria, and ask any other questions via the form.
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Melanie Host
· September 13, 2017
I've had a wonderful experience thus far in the LEC! My French teacher Aga is always happy to teach me anything I ask her to translate, even if it's very hard :-) She also provides our beginners group... with a printed worksheet with important basics that we can take home and revise. My Japanese teachers are also willing to try to answer any complicated questions I may have to do with sentence structure and they holistically cover as much vocabulary and useful sentences as they can with each topic that they teach. See More
Ziling Xiong
· March 17, 2016
Thanks for giving me a chance to learn more languages. I think it's pretty cool to grasp varies languages!!Since there are so many Chinese students who wants to learn Japanese, it's quite thoughtful t...o have a Chinese teacher in the Japanese classes,not to mention that she's so nice and patient and pretty pretty beautiful See More
Sophie Liang
· March 17, 2016
Hi, I'm a Chinese student interested in Japanese and learning Japanese in language exchange club this semester. The Japanese teacher Miss Song is so kind and nice. She is very patient and teaches well.... With her help I believe I will experience a great Japanese learning journey. Btw, Miss Song is much pretty and lovely. See More
Michael Liu
· March 1, 2015
A great club for people who want to learn and practice another language! Sessions are informal, social and a lot of fun
SeJun Kim
· November 11, 2016
Is there anyone who want to exchange Korean-English language? I am still studing English and teaching Korean. Leave me some messages on my Facebook Messenger, if you want to study Korean.
Mohsen Rezaei
· December 28, 2014
hi, Im a native persian ( farsi ) male who live in Iran, Id like to improve my English speaking, I will be glad to find a true native english friend to help me, in exchange ill teach you persian.
· August 5, 2016
Hi, I'm quite interested in Japanese. So I wonder if there is any Japanese class that I can participate in? Looking forward to hear from you! Thank you very much
Can Zhang
· July 30, 2015
Hi, my roommates and I are Chinese and wish to find new friends to help each other with English speaking. We can also teach you Chinese.
Lei Liu
· January 24, 2016
Hi!This is Alisa,i want to find someone help me practise english speaking,and he/she interest chinese,we can exchange language.
Zheng Qing
· August 26, 2014
After i went to several session, i met heeps friends and i found my true love in LEC so don't hesitate come on!
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