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I predict future trends to help your business avoid becoming the next #LiquidPaper, #Blockbuster, #Biway, or #Kodak.
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  • Leesa Renee Hall and her captivating panel of beautiful black women ...innovators was an amazingly selfless 3 day event treat. The wealth of information shared was so beneficial that I will be purchasing the Black Women Innovate Virtual Summit tape series for further reflection and to put in motion for my future endeavors. Ms. Hall, you are dynamic! Thank you again for blessing your fantastic tribe of talented and eager women -- and men! Wishing you Prosperity and Blessings Abound. :) See More
  • LaTara is speaking right now!! Stop talking yourself have to MOVE.
  • Dwann Holmes Rollinson hit so many nails on the head with How to Boldly Charge for your services...a MUST listen to!
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Working Too Hard? If you're a female biz owner, tune in for my tips...(jump to the 4:50 mark so you skip the setup).
Stop Fighting to Be Heard
Why We Need to #StopFollowUnfollow

There's no need to fight to be heard. Listen to this video to find out why I believe this. Your story may not be visible in the movies you watch, the books you read, or the music you listen to.

Instead of complaining that you're ignored (or expressing fatigue that you're always fighting), write your own perspective, compose your own songs, make your own history. Stop waiting for permission from others to be included. Find ways to include yourself. Then, express yourself loudl...y!

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Need tips on how to create a video meme? I provide my process - perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.…

It's inevitable. Do something for a bit, then people want to know how you do it. I don't blame them. I was in that position myself not too long ago. After searching high and low, I finally found the tools needed to create video memes for myself. You know...

I noticed something curious the other day while browsing through my activity stream on Instagram. I did more research and found out that #followunfollow is a thing. Here's how it works:

- Find people through hashtags of interest to your brand
- Post a comment or like their most recent post
- Follow the person...
- Then, as soon as they follow you, unfollow them
- Or, if they don't follow you in a few hours (or days), unfollow, then follow again so you appear at the top of their activity stream
- Then, as soon as they follow you, unfollow them

Here are my feelings about this and why we must #StopFollowUnfollow.

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March 16
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I love hearing people's #stories. Their lives lived are a source of entertainment, wonderment, and lessons learned.

When I meet someone new, I act like a #biographer seeking new discoveries through every #conversation I have. Each person is an example of living #history and I'm eager to open their #book and read their #pages.

Little did I know that some people have no one who's interested in them. Some people have no one to listen to them. Some people have no one to ask them... questions. Sadly, my interest in them as a #human being is often mistaken as #romantic interest.

I simply exhibit the #fruitofthespirit in every encounter. I treat people with #kindness #love #patience and #goodness. People have shared things with me that they have not shared openly before. I often hear "You have a sense of #peace around you and I don't feel judged."

I'm sorry that so many are so starved for #attention and companionship. Just note that I hunger for your# wisdom and my curiosity is eager to consume it. But I'm not into you THAT way 😜

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I love my high heels, but wearing them are a choice. I can't imagine working for an employer who makes the wearing of high heels mandatory. Ridiculous!…/clark-promises-action-high-heels-1.4022…

"This isn't just old-fashioned; in 2017, it's unacceptable," said the B.C. premier on social media. Christy Clark said her government will take action to prohibit employers from forcing staff to wear high heels.

I remember a time I got a pedicure with a colleague. Although it was a strange experience, I learned that ugly feet can teach us a lot about business storytelling. Turn up your volume to learn more.



I've done #13 since Jan 3rd and it's helped me write 65,000 words of my first fiction book. You?…

1. Stop consuming caffeine

The reason I get to play and explore my various identities is due to my work as a virtual summit producer. Curious to know what that is? Read more...…/

I hosted and produced my very first telesummit in 2008. Thirty-six speakers over eight days. It was massive. I also earned just below $20,000 in registration fees and added 5,000 emails to my list. I hosted the event again in 2009 and 2010. Then, in 2010,...

There was a scene from the film, Hidden Figures, that I could totally related to.

It's the scene where Dorothy Vaughan, played by Octavia Spencer, realizes that she and her team will be replaced by a new computer. Instead of resigning to her fate, Vaughan heads to the library and takes out a book called FORTRAN, the programming language needed to communicate with the computer.

Years ago, I taught myself HTML. Little did I know that by doing so, I'd be relevant to an ever-cha...nging job market for two decades. Read on...

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There is a scene in the film, Hidden Figures, where Dorothy Vaughan, played by Octavia Spencer, finds out that her team of female mathematicians, who calculate formulas by hand using paper and pencil to help NASA join the space race, will be replaced by a...

Love this quote by Terry D. Connor:

"Learn to clap when it's not your turn."

How easy or how hard is it for you to celebrate someone else's achievements when you are feeling overlooked?


Click LIKE if you're trying to clap when it's not your turn.
Click LOVE if you always celebrate another's achievements.
Click WOW if you believe this quote is just absolutely awesome.

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A photo came out featuring a few dozen officials and educators of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) standing in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump.

All were smiling for the camera with one of America’s most polarizing president…

The feedback on social media has been none too kind, wondering why any Black person would ever want to meet with a man who has used racism (among other isms) to become the 45th president of the United States.


I, too, recently had the chance to take a picture with an unpopular politician…

During a Black History Month celebration held at Queen’s Park, I stood and posed with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn.

So why do we stand, smile, and take pictures with unpopular politicians? I came up with four reasons why we do...

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Leesa Renee Hall added 4 new photos — with Granville Anderson and Mitzie Hunter.
February 27

Last week, I had a chance to go to Queen's Park and celebrate Black History Month with the Ontario Liberal Party. Here are some pictures I captured.

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After 43-days of getting up at 4:30am to write at least 750-words, I've passed the 40,000 word mark. Only 10,000 more words to write to reach my first goal of 50,000 words.

Small steps lead to big breakthroughs!

If you're overwhelmed by a BIG goal, how can you break that into smaller steps? What is the first action you can take right now towards your end goal? Share it below.


Remember - just one small action. Drop it below.

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Another #Size11AdventuresInShoeShopping...

Check out this little gem. Gorgeous. I can already envision the outfit I'd wear with it. The price is right. The style is right. But, guess why I didn't buy it? There's only 1 reason why. Post your guesses below.

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