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Mechelle Jesse Smith
· February 22, 2018
Went for info on purchaseing future goats for the 1st time. I was very impressed with the setup of the place, all the goats look, happy , healthy and all are sweet includeing the mamas. I was sold an...d took 2 babies home same day �. I interacted with alot of the staff, they all seem kind hearted and answered all my question See More
Carolyn Rice
· September 25, 2017
This is one of the most beautiful farms we have seen. We loved the people working the land. We loved the happy animals and harmonious unity of a successful farm practices. Raw milk has begun to heal ...our family and improve allergic reactions. Thank you for having such an open door farm and allowing us to see things first hand! Your efforts are really appreciated. 💜💜💜 See More
Heather Tuller
· November 11, 2017
I love getting milk from Left Foot Farm’s. I also love visiting them personally. Not only are their goats adorable and sweet. I can really tell that they are well cared for, heathy, and happy.
Carla Anne
· September 20, 2017
I have WWOOFed here twice for several months and also visited when in the area. It is an AMAZING farm with a wonderful owner and dedicated workers. The animals are taken care of very well and the milk... is delicious! I recommend this farm and their products highly! See More
Steven B Fry
· December 19, 2017
this milk is awesome. Such good fat content you'd never know it wasn't cows milk. So, so good!
Angela Jacquot
· February 9, 2018
Such a cute place. My little ones had a blast playing with all the Baby goats.
Nikole Burk
· December 7, 2016
Some friends and I visited the farm at the beginning of the year to bottle feed. We cam all the way from Covington/Maple Valley and it was well worth it :)
All the newborns were running around and it ...was so adorable, I cried lol The tour of the farm was wonderful and full of useful, fun knowledge. All the staff we encountered were friendly, approachable and genuine. I wasn't able to purchase any of the dairy or merchandise available but I certainly wanted to. It was such a magical experience and I look forward to doing it again with the new year approaching! See More
Hillary Coke
· May 6, 2017
We visited a few months ago and a sweet gal gave us a tour of the whole farm! It was wonderful! So many goats! We left with a dozen duck eggs and a pint of fresh goats milk that was out of this world.... Can't wait to come back and bottle feed the kids! See More
Madeline Ashwill
· October 16, 2016
If you are lucky enough to live and work here you will find one of the best places on earth. There is a true sense of community and shared purpose on the farm. The work is the most enjoyable I have ...ever found with daily rewards of love from the goats and laughs when you get to know their unique sometimes quirky personalities. There are many opportunities to experience life and sometimes death on the farm and to grow through it all. Thank you Left Foot Farm for everything you have given me in the joys and struggles of life on the farm and for the friends and farm family I have gained. So much more to say - I cannot recommend this farm (and the goat's milk!) highly enough :) See More
Alexandra Roach
· October 17, 2016
My family and I (yes, three kids included) spent two weeks at Left Foot Farm to WWOOF. This farm is very well organized and has a true sense of community. All interns not only work together but they a...lso enjoy their spare-time while playing music, games, or going swimming, etc. The goats have the time of their lives as well, as they are cared for with love - always. I have learned how to milk, process milk, prepare the feedings for the little kids, muck the stalls, trim the hooves, shave the utters... and much more, but what I truly learned is that WWOOFing can be a tremendously rewarding experience for everyone involved and when organized right. Left Foot Farm, we love you and always think back with joy! Hope to return someday... See More
Miranda Bethay
· July 23, 2017
My toddler enjoyed his fresh goat milk that we picked up yesterday! He's lactose intolerant and drinks the Meyenburg variety from the store. But the raw milk is so much better.
Tierra Busk
· April 28, 2014
My family has a cow milk and soy protein allergy so we have spent the last 3 years diary free to the point that whenever I do drink cows milk not only do I get eczema from the allergy but I have also ...get symptoms of lactose intolerance. Drinking goat or Sheep's milk however is safe for us to drink with no repercussions. These goats milk is great that the taste is so much like that of the store bought milk I grew up with that my very picky daughter and husband love it!! The people are just as great ta boot! I would recommend it to everyone!! See More
Tami Mitchell
· February 27, 2016
The milk is amazing. The animals are well cared for and stinkin' cute. I love how open and accessible the entire place is. They show you everything! I have been to three events that they have thro...wn and boy are they fun! I loved bottle feeding and snuggling the baby goats today. What a blast! See More
Deby Robinson
· February 21, 2017
The farm is great; the milk wonderful. Unfortunately, whenever I take the time to visit the farm, the farm store is always out of fresh milk. They reserve it to take to wherever rather than keep som...e at the store for those who take the time to visit them. Even if they have it sitting in the Fridge, they will not sell it. I will need to find another source as this keeps happening. See More
Holly Bartholomew
· August 2, 2014
Hi I'm one of the neighbors by left foot farms. And everyone on our road would like to ask that those of you who come Down our dead end gravel road to go to this wonderful nice place, to please drive more then 10mph. We all would appreciate this do to we all have to live with the dust and we all also have live stock and dogs cats that sometimes are on the gravel road along with we have children that ride there bikes and walk. So please on your way down to this wonderful farm with lots of amazing stuff, have respect for all of us that live on 44th ave and drive slow watch out for animals and children. Thank you very much. :) See More
Teresa De Leon-Cook
· December 7, 2015
Love love love the milk. Read a ton about it before I decided to go out to your little store and pick some up. Sorry for scaring the pretty girl that kindly came down to take my money from me. Next, I am snagging some of your honey. See More
Ashley Bird
· May 18, 2017
If you have the chance to take a farm tour, do it! Our family enjoyed every bit of it. The staff was super friendly and really responsive about everything we asked. Plus, we got to taste some really d...elicious cheese and milk! See More
Cara McQuown
· February 28, 2017
We visited the farm with our homeschool group. It was an amazing experience for our kids and I was very impressed by the farm and their products. They have delicious milk!
Tammy Hogenson
· August 26, 2015
I love goat milk better than cow ,friends of mine in the past either they were allergic to cow milk or their baby couldn't have it or formula so I told them try goats milk and they all drink it now fo...r many years ,I live in Canby,Oregon and there use to be a lady who lived down the rode from our ranch who had goats and sold cheeses,milk butter all of it and freash eggs and ide go to her every other week for year's but she is gone and now I can't find anyone who sells it ,but I keep looking. Stores use to sell it but people are so already to try it ,but if they just take a little tast they wouldn't want anything else,there is something about goats milk that makes it better for us in so many ways ,so if you haven't tried it find a goat farm and try some you'll want it . See More
Nancy LaMont
· August 9, 2014
Bought two beautiful bucklings from LFF and my bucks have grown up to be handsome boys. I also bought an LGD female pup here a few months ago and she, from day 1, has been the best guard puppy with go...ats, chickens, and now newborn kids. Easy to train, obeys gentle soft instructions and corrections. Thank you LFF See More
Raina and Her Baby
The Teens Out To Play
Babies, Away Pt. 2
Left Foot Farm added 24 new photos to the album: Kids for Sale 2018- UPDATED — in Eatonville, Washington.
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Updated April 25th 2018, all kids will be up to date on shots, disbudded, and purebreds can be registered.

A cool little picture of our Air BNB cabin in Internville. I am lucky to have the opportunity to check on pregnant goats late at night and be able to experience the night beauty of the farm. Bad weather is suppose to hit tomorrow, so it never lasts long

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