We created a video of all our favourite Left Handers Day images from around the world set to the Lefty's Lament song - Enjoy and please share!

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Left handed information, views, links and left-handed product reviews for lefthanders

You know what a pain it is using things made for right-handers and that don't work for you - JOIN THE FIGHT BACK NOW!
Watch our video to see how much easier things could be for you.

Find out how specially designed versions of popular items ACTUALLY WORK PROPERLY for left-handers like you.
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Left Handed Versions Just For You!
Click to watch our video showing how these are all different and will make life easier for you :)
Anything Left-Handed

Using standard right-handed products is awkward and annoying and you don't have to put up with it any more! We have made specially-designed left-handed versions for you - GET THEM NOW AT A BIG DISCOUNT IN THIS SET or select the individual items you want.

Does anyone have left-handed children that are STILL being made to change hands for writing at school? Let us where you are and what happened.

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Keith will be featuring on the Georgey Spanswick show which goes out from 7pm UK Time tonight all across the 40+ stations of BBC Local Radio (I will be on about 7.10-7.15). We will be talking about left-handedness and how it affects young children in particular. She is left-handed as well so it should be an interesting discussion and you will be able to call in to your local station with your own views after I am done.

Great music and conversation as Georgey brings together the best of BBC Local Radio.

Still working for the lefthanders - Keith is being interviewed on UK Radio 5 Live around 7.45 about the challenges facing left-handed children. It is based on a piece in The Telegraph today and this story should gain traction so watch out for more later.…/government-not-enough-prevent…/

The Government is not doing enough to prevent left-handed pupils from falling behind their peers, MPs and educationalists have warned.

Well that was all very surreal! I was in an open-plan mini studio across a huge working atrium area a long way from the main live studio with the presenters and couldn't see what was happening or hear very well in the dodgy earpiece they gave me. Very hard to focus! Hope it was OK. Not allowed to give out web address but hopefully people will search Left-Handers Day and find us.
Did anyone see it?

Looks like I am going to be on the main BBC News channel as well, live at about 3.45 UK time. Trying to spread the left-handed message #lefthandersday

Left-Handers Day graphics to share here:

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Keith is about to go live from the BBC London studios on the World Service Talking Business programme to talk about Left-Handers Day - working for the lefties!

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We have produced a series of "Spot The Difference" images to encourage people to think about what is different with left-handed versions of some common items. Please like and share to spread the word
If you want to know more, see our videos on the product pages below:

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Left-Handers Day is this Sunday, 13th August so it is time to start sharing our graphics and slogans to both celebrate the advantages of being left-handed and raise awareness around the world of some of the challenges we face, particularly younger left-handed children.
You can see a lot of sharing graphics here:
and I will post them on this Facebook page as well so it is easy to share them - show your left-handed pride!

Have you downloaded our FREE Resources Guide for Parents of Left-handed Children yet?

It gives you a lot of information and links to articles on our website that you and your child will find very helpful, including:
* Chances of a left-handed child...
* Forcing children to change hands (bad!)
* Challenges of being left-handed
* School experiences survey
* Left-handed products for children
* Teacher resources and training
* Sources for more information

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Check out this great new colour-changing left-hander's mug, with a design that changes when a hot drink is added. The front of this black mug has the words "Left Handed Mug" printed on the front in white and always visible. If a right hander drinker attempts to use the mug, a message on the inside of the rim will be visible to them and read "It's Just Not Right!"
When you add hot liquid to the mug, left-handed quotes and slogans magically appear all over the mug.
Find out more or order your mug here:

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The Story of Left-Handed Billy:
We recently came across an interesting bit of history that demonstrates the general attitude to left-handedness in the America of the 1850's. It is a story called “Left-Handed Billy” that appeared in a popular children's magazine of the time called “Robert Merry's Museum”.

Here are a few extracts that give you the idea of how it ran…


Bill was naturally left-handed…. his mother used great care to break him of this fault, but still careless Bill kept on using his left hand instead of his right.
He adopted the habit of being left-handed and he never got over it. This made him appear very awkward, and was a great trouble to him as long as he lived. Nor was this the only evil that flowed from his heedlessness…
He became what is called an unlucky fellow. The people used to say, if there was a wrong side, Bill was sure to take it. Such were the evils of growing up in habits of carelessness.

And poor Billy goes on to a predictably bad end!

Well, there you go! If you want to read the full article, the link is on our page

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We recently came across an interesting bit of history that demonstrates the general attitude to left-handedness in the America of the 1850's. It is a story called "Left-Handed Billy" that appeared in a popular children's magazine of the time called "Robert Merry's Museum". Here are a few extracts…

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