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Aminath Hathu
· December 30, 2017
The worst discrimination me and my family encountered!!! you guys really should put out a banner saying no muslims allowed and no dark skin foreigners allowed!!! total waste of money and precious time!!! The most saddest and sickening part was not only us adults but our young kids faced their discrimination and harsh words too... why??? Just because we were wearing a headscarf? Or was it that our skin color wasn't as white as your preferences or your ignorant sense of a "feature" of how a foreigner should look? Not one person in that place had any respect or even an etiquette to handle customers... neither the manager nor the guards... have never been this much disappointed about any place during our stay in lanka!!! Will never go to this place ever again... See More
Antu Naai
· December 14, 2017
The worst place to take your kids.not worth the money paid. Too much discrimination with Muslim's. Making rules forcing to remove the head cover.. stafs are not civilized.. Very rude manager.. is so proud.. Says their boss only wants few people in the place.i wonder why they open the place if the boss wants few people. Will never go again. See More
Ranil Weerasooriya
· December 28, 2017
Itz a nyz place to enjoy. It's the second tym I made it to LEISURE WORLD, the first was five years back...from then there hve bn many upgrades..came across couple of new machines nd slides which is hi...ghly worth for the amount.
Meanwhile there were some negative stuff as well. Firstly, I wud like to state abt the washing area, I blve it's better to hve two covered separate washrooms for both genders especially for females.
Secondly, the management was highly concerned abt the material of the swimming attire but was not bothered to check skin allergies nd wounds of pple who mke it to the water area which was so frustrating.
In general I wud like to state it as a 50 50 thingy...
Hope u wud luk in to the above nd mke it a perfect place.
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Kerri May
· November 26, 2017
Absolutely filthy, very poor maintenance. Weeds growing through pavements, broken steps, rust on children's tyre in kids pool which left sharp edges. Miserable , unhelpful staff. Everything is in a st...ate of disrepair. Changing rooms are a disgrace, a sign above the sinks "do not vomit in sinks" (possibly as the stench from the toilets would make you sick)'s a shame because this place could be great if it was properly managed and maintained as theme parks are in other countries. See More
Hiran Rangana
· August 24, 2017
In Genaral all fine , but management have to more focuses on their staffs as none of them will not smile on you ,and non of them offer you a help,whenever you need, and no one pass informations about... the park and what I felt was we looks enemies to staff, as they were ignored you all the time, ( I have been visited wild wadi Dubai and lost world Bahrain ) please go on YouTube and Viwe the clips as you can see how the service will provide,well it nice to have a such a park to our country but if you train your staff about the hospitality you will have a more reputations ( lucky you so far no competitors surrounding you, that's why you do not focus on your staff to train hospitality yet, See More
Deliya Dazzline
· December 14, 2017
Oh very disappointed about the management and the place. At the entrance they are nicely smiling and taking money for the tickets. After we enter those stupid 3rd grade people are saying you can't do ...this and that with kidz or else they say your swim suit is not proper so you can't go. I went with my family. We barely saved my 2 year old boy's life. Bloody management. One foolish lady was arguing with us for the swim suits and unexpectedly I saw my son is sinking. There were 3 bloody people there. They didn't give a shit. My husband saved our son's life. Shit place. Please don't ever go with your kids there. Maintenance is zero. Ended up having a really bad experience. Hate it. See More
Don Sanjeewa Thushara
· October 7, 2017
Very poor service, poor equipments and machines, they canceled the 2000 Rs package saying the weather won't allow to use the dry area activities but we have used them by paying extra money 💰 😒😒😒
It wa...s the case for all the park users yesterday. This place was much more better when it was opened my last visit was 2007 and after 10 years what you could see is more games and more space but very poor service.
We have to wait 20mnts to get our tickets from the counter and there was about fifty people but services by one counter.
Clearly this place want our money only nothing else.
Never visit this place again and never ever recommend to anyone.

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Thimira Lamahewage
· August 4, 2017
Don't know what to select. 4 or 5.
Pricing, Environment, Theme (Leisure), Entertainment and Overall considered I'll rate 90-100% for all four and overall I'll give a slight reduced value. I'm not comp...laining.
We need more entertainment. More rides. For 1500/- considering the economy status of Sri Lanka for a local citizen is quite cheap for water area only. And additional 500/- is literally nothing when we consider added dry area bonus. Therefore as a local I give 200% and mesmerised to see the price that low.
Environment is very soothing. Very important. No problem with the close-by roads noise pollution and other types of pollution. Very conveniently placed. Less than 40-50 km ride from Colombo city limits.
Theme again is cool. Need more rides added. The staff said they're having proposals. Said they initiate after the peak time of August where school children and all come for holidays.
Entertaining as hell. No comments required.
Overall as mentioned above. Need a few uplifting necessities. Infrastructure is KEY.
200% or even million times sure a tourist attraction and major hotspot. Not sure about the dry area. So don't know what's there.
Considering paintball and rally racing go-kart racing etc. Cost around the same value for a limited time only, the full day experience here is awesome.
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Oshan Viduranga
· September 26, 2017
Most of the machines are not working. Working machines are also not maintained well. Not maintained the standards. Wave pool is the only place I enjoyed. Other are boring and headache after do the games. Really feels headache after do the most of the games. See More
Ram Mariyam
· December 31, 2017
Worst staffs. Doesn't know the meaning of politeness. I felt like being in a military camp rather than enjoying the water park. Every time rules change according to an individual specially foreigners ...are discriminated. I had the worst experience here in Sri Lanka. See More
Chandana Anurudda Hangawatta
· September 4, 2017
Its being sri lanka ...its ok.but lot more can be done to maintenance and coordinating .some of the people are not deciplined at all and they need to be tought ethics. Even management does not aeems t...o be concerned . Some if the water areas structues are heavily corroded but does not seems any thing being done See More
Malith Hirantha
· August 27, 2017
Place is awesome. Brought rs.2000 package. Because I didn't know what they exactly have.But next time I'll better buy them separately and save some amount of money.Also need to mention inside the park... we can pay by debit /credit cards for foods without paying extra % of cash like other restaurants. I enjoyed and good experience too . Thanks. See More
Supuni Senevirathna
· September 5, 2017
Lots of unpleasant experiences. Should put up a board of regulations for all areas, AT THE ENTRANCE. So can buy all tickets needed @ the entrance & dont have to walk up & down again & again when u com...e to know about regulations only @ entrances for vareas . Also should define what they refer as 'swimming suites'. Staff say various things @ various areas. Not customer friendly. See More
Sujeewa Abeysinghe Hansanee Perera
· December 28, 2017
Fantastic experience in sri lanka for kids.its our
First visit sure will next vacation also be back.thnks leisure world staff
Malindi Amarasooriya
· December 20, 2017
General all enjoyed well.But water area is not clean,water is tidy.Please make sure water clean.And keep develop landscape it will add more elegance. Yah and Few staff members are not friendly.
Rishe Feraro
· October 6, 2017
Amazing experience we had together with our staff . But worst food i ever had highly recommended to take foods from out side before u enter
Ranjan Tennakoon
· September 17, 2017
Had a great time.. The water area was awesome but there should be a elevator and it's complicated to bring mats to upstairs.. All events were safety.. Wave pool was fabulous.. Ladies pool should b...e cleaned well. See More
Nilan Krish
· October 24, 2017
No words to say rather than Super awesome.. The place where u forget your stress and you may be a kid mostly.BUT The place needs friendly staffs who can provide information to customers. :)
Thejake Ramesh Goonewardene
· May 7, 2017
The water area was awesome.. Should maintain it a little bit more.. Would be perfect if there's a system which you can get the matts and all which use for the sliding thing at the top rather we take i...t in our own! Btw it was a great experience though! Thank you! See More
Jeewanthi Fernando
· August 27, 2017
Overall its good. Because there is no any other competitive place to visit in SL.
Service staffs are very poor.........
Now it's time for the LogFlume to go on reverse? Are you ready? #LogFlume #AmusementRides #LeisureWorld

Now it's time for the LogFlume to go on reverse? Are you ready?
#LogFlume #AmusementRides #LeisureWorld

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