I've been super into (pun intended) Ariana Grande 's "Into You" lately. This song is straight up pop perfection and so much fun to sing. 🙌🏼
I've been working on new music for @jupiterwinterband and I'm so excited but IT'S NOT READY TO SHARE YET! So in the mean time here's me futzing around with the beautiful new @alvvaysband song "In Undertow". I love this band so much. I'm so excited for their new record and this song is rad.
SNEAKY PEAK! Jupiter Winter's debut single comes outTOMORROW! #wearetheresistance #lovewillfindaway

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, my beautiful sisters. I love you, I see you, I support you.
May we be fierce, and stand in our power with confidence and pride. May we be soft and not afraid to be vulnerable. May we be wild, laugh loudly, have an open heart, while we take absolutely zero shit. No one can tell you who you are or what you deserve. We are not just one thing and maybe this world is finally waking up to the fact that we will no longer be put in a box of what a woman "should be".
📷 @missemmacole

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Lelia Broussard is with Lelia Elizabeth.

Smizing cuz Jupiter Winter has new music coming this spring and IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO HEAR! 🍒

Thanks to the lovely Emma Cole for doing all of the things for us.
Photo / HMU by Emma Cole

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Lucky to be surrounded by such powerful, talented, and inspiring women.❤️

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Skeptically looking at flowers for 2018.
📸 @laurelreneevaldez

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My talented and lovely friend @laurelreneevaldez came over to take some photos of me yesterday. I slicked back my hair and wore no makeup. At first it felt really vulnerable and scary to be so "naked" in this way. I'm not used to taking photos like this. I've been fortunate to work with some of the most talented makeup artists and photographers that have helped me to feel beautiful and powerful in my skin. I love and respect the artistry of it, and many times it has me feel r...eally great. No shame in that. But as women we're trained to believe that we need makeup to feel or to BE beautiful. We're inundated with images of "perfect" photoshopped people and it's really hard not to compare ourselves and feel like you don't measure up to this impossible standard of beauty. I feel it all the time, especially as a woman in the music industry. In these photos I feel like myself, and I'm learning to let that be enough.

Check out @laurelreneevaldez beautiful art and other photography. @colorandsmoke She's a special human and one to watch.

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Errrrmergaaahd Shoes! I bought these shoes stoned AF in Amsterdam. Still one of the best purchases ever.
Thanks for taking cool pictures of my shoes and face today, @laurelreneevaldez . YER RAD.

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It was beautiful day in Los Angeles marching 500k strong for equal rights and protesting this dumpster fire administration. LET'S GRAB EM BY THE MIDTERMS, Y'ALL! #womensmarch #resist #vote

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I've been super into (pun intended) Ariana Grande 's "Into You" lately. This song is straight up pop perfection and so much fun to sing. 🙌🏼

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Posted by Lelia Broussard

Rolling into Monday like 🌹🙋🏻
📷 @makiedoodle44

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Probably screaming about how @iduesenberg makes a helluva guitar.
📷 @makiedoodle44

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Feeling so grateful to make music with these wonderful humans. Thank you to our dear friends @jukeboxtheghost for having us open up the show! It was a real honor to play for you sweeties. Can't wait for more. ❤️

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Los Angeles Blonde Rebellion. Thanks for the new lewk 💁🏻@missemmacole / @maneinla

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2017. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thankful for this beautiful man's endless love and faith in me. Got a whole lot planned for @jupiterwinterband in 2018 and I CANNOT WAIT! Hope you're all ready to take on 2018 with a fiery passion. Here's to trusting and loving ourselves more. You got this, okay?

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Touring with Jukebox the Ghost was some of the most fun I've ever had on the road. I'm so honored and excited to be opening up for them again with Jupiter Winter! We're changing things up in a big way for this show, and Jukebox is playing music from their new record (which is SO GOOD) Don't miss this special night! Get tickets before they sell out! AH! ❤️…/1592205-jukebox-ghost-los-ange…/

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Making a terrible face / having the best time playing @royce_whittaker 's gorgeous @iduesenberg with @cynthialovely in San Francisco a few weeks back.

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So stoked to be celebrating the life and perfect music of Tom Petty tomorrow night with the excellent @grandcanyonband at The Hotel Cafe! We hit at 11pm. Love you forever, Tom. Yer the baddest of them all.

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