Andrew Lerman Photography added a new photo to the album: Iceland — at Jökulsarlón.
11 hrs

This is what the mid-day light at the Jökulsarlón Lagoon is like in Iceland. I say mid-day, but on this day, sunrise was not until after 11AM!! Only 5 hours until sunset!!

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Early morning at Norbeck Pass in Badlands National Park. The combination of low light and clouds make all of the textures pop out at you. Such an interesting place!!

@PhaseOnePhoto @CamboUSA

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Stephen Butterworth
· July 26, 2017
Andy's photography is stunning. The story behind the photograph is often equally exciting.

Once again, I am privileged to have been selected to be part of the 38th Annual Juried Photography Show held at the Carriage Barn Arts Center. The Show is juried by Allison Brant, Director of The Brant Foundation Art Study Center and Carl Fuldner, Yale University Art Gallery.

The Show will run from January 20-February 18, 2018. The opening reception is this Saturday, January 20th, from 4-6PM.

The Carriage Barn Arts Center is located in Waveny Park, 681 South Avenue, New, CT. Drive into the park and follow the road until the end where the Carriage Barn is located.

For more info see

Today's image will be on display at the Carriage Barn Arts Center. It is a foggy, smoky morning at #Sentinel Meadow in Yosemite National Park. A bit of juxtaposition. A bit of matching shapes. And just a bit of good fortune.
@PhaseOnePhoto @CamboUSA

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Album Iceland
Andrew Lerman Photography added a new photo to the album: Iceland — at The Golden Circle.

One January, not so long ago, I visited Iceland in search of the Northern Lights. Our guide would take me and three traveling companions into the remote sections of the country for the best viewing opportunities. Upon leaving Reykjavik, we hit the back roads of the #GoldenCircle as we headed eastward to the southern coast of the island. Not long afterward, a very heavy snow squall descended upon us. The road was treacherous, and we could not see beyond the front of the ho...od of the car. I asked our guide, who was a young American and who shall remain nameless, if we could stop. He asked why. In clear and simple language, I explained that we are close to driving off the side of the road into a ditch and since we are the only idiots driving in this storm there was no danger in stopping. The windows had completely fogged up and in a juvenile fit he turned the car off of the road we were on and came to a quick stop. Not long after, the storm began to clear and I wiped the fog off of the window to see what was outside. I told the others to get their equipment and we jumped out of the car. I call this Little House on the Icelandic Prairie. Two minutes later, it was snowing again, and this beautiful scene was gone.

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I feel like I have the whole place to myself. Thank goodness for snowshoes!!! Rockefeller State Park Preserve

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Cormorants finding warmth in the early morning sun at the Viera Wetlands, FL.

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For those braving the cold, just think, it's actually warmer in Iceland than it is in New York City! Here, along the southern coast of Iceland, are the #PinnaclesatVik shortly after sunset, which is about 3:45 in the afternoon. That's depressing, but hey, it's warmer than most of the U.S. right now

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As the year comes to a close, this will be my last post of 2017. I leave you with a picture of hope. Interpret it as you wish. This amazing rainbow soared over the glaciers of Antarctica at the opening of the Neumayer Channel. This was not the end of the day but rather just as dawn broke. A message that a magnificent day is still to come after a stormy night. Let's hope so. Happy New Year.

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Continuing with this week's theme of distraction from the frigid conditions, I can't help but think back to the beautiful beach at Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

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While most of the country is either digging out or freezing their ass@! off, here is something to warm up to. Chalk Sound Turks And Caicos Islands . No, I'm not there now, but I wish I was.

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Who knows what lurks beyond the turn? It kind of feels like one is walking through Middle Earth. Such is what you find in the Hall of Mosses in Olympic National Park. @PhaseOnePhoto @CamboUSA @captureintegration

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Andrew Lerman Photography added a new photo to the album: Iceland — in Iceland.

Now, don't you just want to take one of these home??? Beautiful Icelandic horses. They are like puppies. They come right up to you and want to be rubbed, petted and scratched. Can't exactly fit them into an airline carryon though.

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A little snow at the end of the day makes the hike around Swan Lake at Rockefeller State Park Preserve even more beautiful.

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Andrew Lerman Photography added a new photo to the album: Yosemite National Park — at Tunnel View.

Recently, while in Yosemite National Park, there was a brief overnight storm which ended right around daybreak. Just enough snow to give some texture and personality to the valley. Many years ago, a photographer once made famous his #ClearingStorm at Tunnel View. Here is my shot at it.

Photographed with Phase One and Cambo USA

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"Get off my lawn." And in the next few seconds this beautiful animal was charging full speed towards the Zodiac rubber boat I was sitting in. The boat was wedged up against the ice sheet not far from where the #polarbear had been lounging. With the bear just yards away I asked my guide if he thought that now would be a good time to throw the outboard motor into reverse. We pulled away just shortly before the bear got to the edge where we had been sitting. Ok, you can breathe now. This is just one of the many exciting experiences found in the Svalbard archipelago.

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Winter made a brief introduction in the Northeast this past weekend. Yet, there's still some color around to let us know that it is still fall. Reminds me of the time I was at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the @EasternSierras. There, you can experience all four seasons in the span of an hour.

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