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  • G/ElectricianFebruary 2001 to present
  • February 18, 1990 to November 26, 1992
    Last time I saw roy was in jr.food store till 2012 he found me on Facebook ask me to marry him may 4,2012 happiest day of my life.god answered my prayer
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  • Im just a women who's old fashion.I live for god I am a believer,I live to help and to love people.I love my husband he is my everything.I would do anything to keep him my children my grandbabies and step kids and family and friends safe and happy.I am a women that does not believe in others trying to break up someone's relationship,if people sees that there in a relationship don't be messy.and to these kind of people needs to realize Would you wont someone to be trying to flirt with the one you're with,I. Love my husband I have for 27/half. Years.and children. I am a real mother,I damn the ones who hurts a child in anyway shape form or fashion,children are gifts from god.don't hurt Love them,tell them daily and for the ones who hits a child.GOD is watching you all.that's like my husband don't try,it's like rubber it'll come back on you.so love the one your with and leave ours alone.god made 1 man for the 1 true loveing faithful women,roy is my first and only love true and pure.I love him and all my kids. All 5 thousand or more of y'all.leave mine alone.Letha and Roy has been together over a year this is true love god gave us a second chance after 27/an a half years ago.I. Love you roy g.Averette, Love your wife allways. LETHA AVERETTE
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  • True love is something special.me and my husband was together 27 years ago.and it took till the year of 2012 to fine each other.and its beutifull.god has gifted me with 3 kids of my own and now 3 step kids my very own 6 pk.yaa.but i wonted to say never go to bed mad at each other.and 3 things u dont do.1:cheat 2:lie 3:dont shut each other out.and 3 things u do to keep ur relationship perfect.1:tell and show love.2:spend time together.3:compliment at all times.love and be understanding laugh and tell how much you love each other.and thank god for what we have been blessed with.and past is the past.future is where it is.i love my husband roy averette.and my 6 pk.thank you god.