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Letters From Raymond updated their cover photo.
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Always a good review before breeding that next litter:

Here is a photo of Raymond presenting the SW trophy to Killer Joe. You can read Raymond's comments about the show and the individual dogs in the book .Letters From Raymond. (Thanks to Carole Huey for letting us share this photo)

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Wow - The book is much more than I expected - especially the practical information from Eva about general kennel management and her feeding and exercising routine.
...I was fortunate to have two mentors - one in my own breed and the other was a well respected All Breeds judge & successful breeder - both have passed and I so miss them - I often think what they would say about my current plans and the puppies from my latest litter
Lyndsay Kruse

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I am about a third into the book and I am mesmerized ... but I am also a little depressed because much of what he (and you) advocate is no longer possible in the dog world we now inhabit.. The part about picking judges for Silverwood is so interesting, because now that virtually every club uses the "democratic" method of choosing Specialty judges, it is, in the end, more often a popularity contest than a mission to secure the best possible people to adjudicate. It is also i...ntriguing to see how committed he was to taking the breed forward. ... Mostly I see breeders and exhibitors seeing "forward" as next week-end's shows, where they can move up in some silly ranking.
... I judged a wolfhound event last weekend .. and mentioned your book in my post-show dinner words, since many of these people have heard me praise the two early Oppenheimer books. ... Frankly, I think every person who judges should read this one as well.
Gretchen Bernardi

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Your book arrived today ... it is a beautiful publication ... paper, layout, print. ... You hold the interest of the reader with the freshness of the presentation ... even for a reader who is not on the "inside" of the bully world.
... Stayed up late reading Letters. Then moved ahead to read "Raymond Oppenheimer 1905-1984. An honest tribute to this gentleman. So much in the text for breeders and dog show people, but the reading of your thoughts, your input on just about every other page makes sense of it all for the non-breeder. You have done a good service.
... Thank you for all you have done in the areas of showing and breeding the bull terrier. Never knew how involved you were!!! Thank you, Thank you . .
Charles Bomberger