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Ker Borg
· February 6, 2018
My husband is a huge fan of Lidl, so much that I believe he memories your brochure. If there’s a new tool or hobby item on display, we would have bought it.

Of all the Lidl stores we’ve been to, I h...ave never felt so UNWELCOMED at Lidl San Gwann. There’s a particular Maltese security guard always ‘kept a close eye on me’ in a unfriendly manner.

On one occasion he told me not to open a cheap card which I was going to take a peek and purchase. He said it in a Confronting Manner in an aisle full of opened items. He did not bother to ask any other customer the same thing. It is hard not to feel he was picking on me.

I still cannot believe this is happening in a Lidl store.
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Celine Agius
· November 11, 2017
This afternoon I went shopping at Lidl in Qormi, as I was walking in I was looking for boards to see if dogs aren't allowed but they didn't seem to be anywhere! Therefore I walked in with my puppy the security asked me to leave the supermarket. I honestly felt embarrassed for having to leave the supermarket when there is nothing proving that dogs are not allowed!! On the other hand I was not touching any food since my mum was doing the shopping and the puppy was kept in my arms all the time See More
Jacqueline Clark
· December 3, 2017
I have used Lidl for a number of years in several countries and always found good courteous staff employed in them.

Lidl Gozo being the exception to these experiences. Some staff are very good but ma...ny are quite rude and brusque.

Today the manager of the Gozo store was not only rude in his dealings with me he turned his back and walked away mid conversation.

I can put up with blocked isles, long queues at checkouts, security staff that are far from helpful, and staff that feel their filling of shelves takes priority over customers needing to select products.

Being so rudely dismissed by a manager is not something that is acceptable. The Gozo store is poorly managed at best, now rudeness by a manager can be added to this stores failings.

I will not be shopping there again.
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Joe Odette Mallia
· February 8, 2018
I think firstly that lidl is very good value for my money I believe most of the products are of good quality, the service given after the sales is very efficient, one we weren't used to here in Malta ...and since it opened lidl has adapted little by little to our needs too I have seen it .The one thing I really hate altough it is not lidl full responsability is the people touching pastries ,breads and leaving them there for others to buy and eat ,security people should be made to set these people straight (what you touch with bare hands you have to buy)use gloves or don't touch.My husband and I have bought loads of your tools both home and kitchen too and they are amazing quality most of them.I love shopping at Lidl I drive to most of them I do not visit a particular shop or have a particular time,my favorites are the ones that have the least rush of people at one go ,for comfort shopping. See More
Vladimir Emilov Marinov
· February 18, 2018
I'm not sure which information provided is right about the opening hours on Sundays of the Santa Venera outlet, and as a whole in general.
On Google/LIDL's website shows that it's closed, yet on the L...IDL App shows that it's open from 07:00 till 19:00.. and vice-versa for the Qormi outlet, etc...
Which provides the right opening hours information?
It would be ideal to fix the wrong ones.
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Lino Azzopardi
· December 14, 2017
I don't like to see children in trolleys 1 caz it is not higenic 2 kids can't control there needs. We put our food in there so I suggest that will be stoped.
Stephen Deguara
· November 15, 2017
Customer Service on your phones serves for nothing. I was trying to find any Overlocks still on sale or in stores, and the Customer Sales rep, neither had phone numbers of different stores, nor store ...managers! Therefore it doesn't serve its purpose. She left me with nothing, else to go and check myself. Sad. See More
Doris Camilleri
· October 31, 2017
Sry but yesterday i went to Lidl in Mosta and i was really disappointed.i go every two weeks.i bought fruit and veg i had 5 items.when i went home i weight them and they were less weight.i went back a...nd they gave refund of 5eu.the cashier charged 5eu extra on 5 things.they dont even apologise or said anythink.feeling disappointed See More
Marvic Attard Gialanze
· September 6, 2017
Not served at all as Lidl discriminates . In Marsascala several streets do not receive the magazine but in Rabat and other areas its distributed.
Perhaps down South we cannot read??
Frank Bowman
· September 13, 2017
I like LiDL for several reasons, the most is because it brings to us items that are sometimes difficult to find in Malta - or are more expensive in other stores. A section I like most is the gadgets - for both home and kitchens uses, I wonder if LiDL Malta will bring the known "Kitchen Under Shelf Radio" to our stores?


Frank Bowman
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Cheryl Rooney
· August 6, 2016
I shop at lidl in the UK and always have good words to say about it but lidl here in malta is horrendous compared to the uk. I shop at santa venera and often pop in on my way home. Never any baskets!!... We don't all want a shopping trolley I just want a few items bit more than I can carry. Also no normal carrier bags only he bags for life which I have at home so won't buy more each time. I just want a normal plastic carrier bag not a paper one that holds no weight at all. There is also a million staff I'm the store but maybe one or two tills open..doesn't make sense when people are queuing down the islesmm See More
Sonny Alabama
· September 9, 2017
I am super disappointed that Lidl Malta no longer has butter croissants. Affordable and great tasting croissants have been the only reason I have had for visiting your establishment. Please revisit yo...ur decision to take them out of your inventory. See More
Christine Gauci
· July 3, 2016
So disgusted with the service offered by the GOZO Lidl (on a Sunday morning 3rd July 2016). When passing through the detector next to the door it beeped when my father and I passed through, while our was already half way through the parking. Please note that I did not even have a handbag with me. We saw the security running and we backed in the shop instantly. I tried to give the security guard the receipt but he declined and said that it was useless in a very "polite" manner. He instead began to pass the items we bought through the detector one by one instead of passing the whole trolley like in other Lidl outlets. While my father was trying to talk to the security guard he said that my father was making his work difficult. After he almost passed all the items while all the shop was starring at us, the reason while the detector beeped was because of a chit which was attached to the kiabi shirt that I was wearing. The security did not even apologise. All in all I was really "amused" with the hostility and arrogance offered by the ignorant security guard. Even giving them 1 star is very generous. See More
Catan Joseph
· July 31, 2016
i went for the first time . not a lot of choice. very hard to find assistance one pass it to the other. an as well prices . are not less than others , to be honest this place is waiste of time/ apart ...the back parking, there is no throlley place. you want to walk a long distance. and that genarator puffing black smoke this was on sat 30th july at 16.30 See More
Mia Sadowska
· September 6, 2017
Muslim appeasing company that removed crosses from products yet sells halal products with Islamic icons ! BOYCOTT
Lourdes Taliana
· May 21, 2017
Very well served at Lidl san gwann by a tall man. Unfortunately i didn't ask for his name but all he said to me was that he has been working with Lidl for only a week. He really surprised me with his ...attitude and service, he is recommended :) Thanks once again. See More
Deborah Mizzi
· September 19, 2017
A faulty component of a gadget swiftly replaced through an efficient customer care representative. Thanks
Rosanna Ciliberti
· December 22, 2017
Take note...Not all stores have the same prices, ridiculous!
Marsha Kay Towler Kiker
· August 27, 2017
Incredible prices,friendly employees,great food,I love it ! I live in Rockingham,NC USA .Our store is not on the store locator yet.
Martin Johansson
· July 6, 2016
Why the ridiculous zealotry in regard to the store alarm? Today I watched your "security guards" rudely harass a gentleman that had just purchased what had to be hundreds of euros worth of groceries f...rom your store still the assumption was made that he was a thief when the alarm went off. I understand some degree of security measures must be in place but would it hurt to use some common sense and discretion in regard to security procedures? Its not like you are guarding the national gold reserve. See More

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