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  • Techincal SupportJanuary 12, 2009 to presentBurbank, California
    Welcome to Lighthouse Communications Equipment.

    We are a full service communications company, we Rent, install and Sale Motorola Two-Way Radios & BlackBox Walkie Talkies, William Sound & Listen Interpretation Equipment, Megaphones/Bullhorns, HME Wireless Intercom Systems, Mifi/WiFi Internet Junxion Box and Production Supplies (Tents and Pipe Drapes) Why rent with us? Because our goal is to assist you in making your next event a success! We are located in Los Angeles, California. "Guiding You To Communicate"

    We are always happy to provide our customers with additional information regarding our equipment. For this reason we can affirm that we provide our Customers with the best quality Communications Equipment in the market and that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.
    Walkie Talkies

    We offer a large range of Radio Rental opportunities to meet your short or long term two-way communications needs. We only use Motorola two-way radios and new audio accessories for our rental fleet. Our customers are satisfied knowing that we only provide them with the newest walkies and accessories on the market. Work great in concerts film production, churches, construction sites, etc.

    Simultaneous Interpretation Services
    Simultaneous Language Interpretation System
    FM transmitters, Personal receivers with Headsets. Call us to discuss your language interpretation system needs, and we can advise you on the best configuration for your meeting.
    For meetings and conferences requiring simultaneous interpretation of one language into many, Lighthouse Communications is your source for simultaneous language interpretation system rentals. We proudly feature Williams Sound products, a 30 year pioneer and leader in wireless interpreter systems. Our assisted listening system can handle up to 8 languages and up to any number of listeners.

    Your Solution For Language Interpretation Applications The demand for language interpretation continues its exponential growth in a variety of environments:
    * Bilingual Worship Services
    * Conventions
    * International Conferences
    * Classroom
    * Courtrooms
    * Business & Government Meetings
    These applications usually do not require expensive and complicated conference systems.

    Terms Of Sale and Rentals
    Lighthouse Communications handles all business transactions as follows:
    Online Payments: PayPal and Credit Merchant Terminal
    Cash/Check On Delivery or Pick-Up (C.O.D.) ID Required!
    Prepayment on all sales/rentals.
    Open Lighthouse Communication Credit Account
    (net 10 Days/Credit Card Secured)

    Terms Of Sale
    1. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.
    2. All sales are final. Refused/Returned packages will be billed freight plus a 20% restocking fee.
    3 All custom orders are final, no returns will be accepted.

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      Production Equipment Rental: Radios, WiFi Internet Service and Base Stations
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About Lighthouse
  • My name is Kerwin Zavala. I am a certified communications technician and a language Interpreter. My primary responsibility is maintenance of the company's rental fleet of Two Way Radios & to install Interpretation Equipment.
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  • “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12