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Thanks for coming with us despite the heavy rain

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Halloween 2017, Chill Skybar là đại diện đầu tiên tại Việt Nam đón chào Gánh Xiếc Cirque le Soir đến từ xứ sở sương mù Luân Đôn - cái tên đã và đang để lại rất nhiều ấn tượng trên Thế Giới qua các tiết mục ma quái rùng rợn nhất. Và khi khuôn mẫu vốn có của các bữa tiệc Halloween thuần tuý được “chiếc bóng đêm ngoại tộc” Cirque le Soir xua tan bởi những nét hoang dại, điên cuồng đặc trưng và vượt tầm kiểm soát, thì đêm Halloween 2017 tại Chill Skybar chắc c...hắn sẽ là một bước đột phá và bùng nổ chưa từng tại Việt Nam.

Tại sự kiện lần này, Chill Skybar kết hợp cùng Cirque le Soir tạo ra các nhân vật thật được hoá mình trong các bộ cánh không chỉ độc, lạ mà còn ấn tượng theo phong cách thời trang vừa lập dị vừa hài hước. Đặc biệt hơn hết, các tiết mục kinh dị và gây shock được dựng lên trong không gian gánh xiếc ma quái đầy u ám hẳn sẽ khiến cho cơ thể bạn rúng động một cách lạ kỳ và khó hiểu. Ngay hôm nay, hãy lên một kế hoạch hoá trang khác biệt nhất để sẵn sàng đến với Gánh Xiếc Cirque le Soir – Halloween Night 2017 DUY NHẤT tại Chill Skybar xuyên đêm thứ Ba, 31 tháng 10 sắp tới đây nhé!


Our Chill Skybar, the Vietnam’s acclaimed first rooftop sky bar, has initially partnered with London’s award-winning renowned Cirque le Soir brand this October in our first epic, much-anticipated theatrical Halloween night in the clouds. The best bit: it will be markedly different than your ordinary Halloween party club experience. Featuring world-class acts such as fire-eaters, freak shows and exotic dancers, this party on 31st October is definitely one for the thrill-seeking partygoers.

At this event, Chill Skybar together with Cirque le Soir have been fully creative to present this wild, mad and spiritual theme into the decoration at every corner and the most exclusive Halloween costumes that are not only unique but also eccentric and ghostly. It would be fun when coming to a circus, but with Circus le Soir you would never know what is waiting for you at the end of the line. Hurry up to pick up your wickedest outfit and don’t hesitate to head for Cirque le Soir – Halloween Night at Chill Skybar now!

#BOOKING: 093 882 2838
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Oct 31 - Nov 1Chill SkybarHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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It was a beautiful Saturday night!

Check this link to download full album SOON:…/8qrgid…/AAD7fA35ivXORT36amhqYldqa…

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The Redo Cowgrils & Cowboys did give us an amazing Friday night full of claps and joys

Click this link to download full album SOON:…/jc5lzh…/AADkIlfyGZ71BTsgvMZUsoXka…

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Next Saturday, Chill welcomes all of you, especially Japanese who have recently been in Saigon to this special event hosted by EVOLABLE ASIA. Your Happy Hour time spending at Chill with this event will be more interesting as a nice weekend evening.

Ticket available at:
Event link for Japanese guests at:

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Sat 5:30 PM UTC+07Chill SkybarHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Chill Skybar added 18 new photos — at Chill Skybar.

It was THE THRILL OF SPEED - #ShowStopper weekly event at Chill last Friday night!!! Thank you all for coming to rock the night with us

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Rain doesn't matter lah!!!
The night has just started 🔝🔝🔝

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Guys we r too ready to enjoy THE THRILL OF SPEED under the rain with us now!!

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We love to have nice conversation with you, a-bride-to-be So feel free to contact our team via: or 093 882 2838 for more details about this outstanding package at Chill Skybar.

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Check this link for all beautiful photos last Saturday night. Thanks you so much…/qyebbg…/AACoo2UmOrH5sosbKaz_epssa…

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Look back at last Wednesday with all sexy ladies and be ready for tonight again!!!

Check link for all photos soon:…/bfoci6…/AAD1IVa3E4aUPhetyy8q5IPta…

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Okey it's Fridayyyy it's weekend guysss 🎉💥

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Welcome DJ Ravin from Buddha-Bar Paris first come to Chill Skybar Vietnam in their World Tour 2017

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💥💥Just keep you updated that coming to CHILL TONITE, you will not only enjoy the incredible live mixset from DJ Ravin from Paris, but also getting loads of chances to take many many GIVEAWAYS: Shirts + Hats + DJ CDs + LOVELY GIFTS from MACALLAN. WOWWWWW!!!!🎉🎉

Don't miss out #Chillers!!!!! You cant find nowhere else for such a wonderful night like Chill

#BOOKING: 093 882 2838...
#ChillSkybar #ThisIsHowWeChill #BB20Years #BuddhaBar #WorldTour2017

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Last week, we got much fun. How about this Friday??? Our special event awaits you guys TONITE

Check this link soon:…/sta8fb…/AADjUjxAa6R9ms_Gdje1y2CMa…

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Our stunning sky-view restaurant Chill Dining (above the sky bar) also collaborate with restaurant Buddha-Bar from Paris to make the most unforgettable dining experience at our open show kitchen.

Let's join us for the dinner tomorrow night (Friday, 22/9/17)

#RESERVATION: 093 882 2838...
#ChillDining #DineWithAView #BuddhaBarCuisine #BB20Years

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Chill Dining is at Chill Dining.

(FRIDAY, 22/9/17)

"Timless Classics" can be seen as our most special menu of this month. As it is exclusively create...d by Executive Chef Dannet D'souza (Chill Dining) and Chef Eric Rousselieres (Buddha-Bar Paris) featuring 11 different tastes from Canapés, Seafood On Ice, Angustus Beef Tenderloin, Chilean Sea Bass, Chicken Salad, Tuna Poke, Sea Bream Ceviche, Coastal New Zealand Lamb Chop & Desserts. This cuisine fusion will awake your taste honestly.

We believe that you shouldn't miss this exotic dinning experience which Chill Dining wishes to bring to Vietnam as the first time!

Please join our dinner at:

#RESERVATION: 093 882 2838
#ChillDining #DineWithAView #BuddhaBar #BuddhaBarCuisine #BB20Years

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Joining the World Tour 2017 event coming to Vietnam for the first time in the collaboration between Chill Skybar x Buddha-Bar Paris will let you guys know how the concept of Buddha-Bar has reached attentions and loves from people all over world.

Event details at:

#BOOKING: 093 882 2838...
#ChillSkybar #ThisIsHowWeChill #BuddhaBar #BuddhaBarMusic #BB20Years #WorldTour

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Buddha-Bar brand has become one of the world’s most successful with outposts in over a dozen destinations worldwide including
Chill Skybar is looking for something special at Chill Skybar.

(FRIDAY, 22/9/17)

Let's spend just a few minutes to watch this video that is created to celebrate 20-Year Annniversary of Buddha-Bar. This bar's concept and its message have been much appreciated for years. Chill Skybar which is the first sky bar in Vietnam collaborate with Buddha-Bar for this upcoming "worldwide" event in their World Tour 2017.

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