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This morning I listened to one of my favorite podcast episodes ever. Allison Micco you are ROCKING this. Check out the latest episode of the Don't Freak Out Podcast. It is incredible and hits home on so many levels.…/

Lara Frazier is a healer and truth-teller, a sobriety warrior and a pig mama. She is a FIERCE believer in the power of owning our stories and is a strong advocate for addiction recovery. Lara shares a story of healing: in sobriety, through addiction, in life and love, and in all the other big huge m...
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Anna Gaspari
· March 24, 2017
I am blown away by Lindsay's knowledge and work. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get focused and clear on completely your goals. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with Lindsay! Thank you LK!!!!
Kelsey Dalziel
· June 9, 2017
Lindsay fills in all the blanks and has the patience of a saint. I'm so grateful to learn from her!
Spirit Junkie Masterclass
@gabbybernstein inspires me. She helped me gain the confidence to follow my heart and start the business and life of my dreams ❤️ Thank you Gabby! (Free training available now! Link --> #spiritjunkiemasterclass #ad

...There's nowhere we can't go, there’s no one we can’t reach, and there's nothing we can't do. - the Universe

Today at Toastmasters I picked a table topic (impromptu speaking question) to discuss my favorite celebrity Afro for 1-3 minutes. 😂 it interesting (I'm pretty sure Michael Jackson and Oprah both qualified at some point so I used them). But now I'd like to know social media world... who wore your favorite Afro? (And seriously, go to #Toastmasters, it's ridiculously fun).

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#Repost @melissa_hartwig because she's freaking incredible 🙌🏻
WE CHOOSE OUR HARD. Anyone who has been through a traumatic experience knows the dread associated with processing that event. In the aftermath, we think the idea of talking about it, replaying it, "working through it" sounds like torture. No thank you. It sucked bad enough the first time. Why force ourselves to relive it over and over again?

The thing is, we choose our hard. Opening the box. Unpacking what's it. Dragging it into the light. Looking straight at it. Turning it over. Holding it up over our heads for other people to see. Accepting it. Maybe carrying it around for a while. Making the choice to put it down. Forgiving. Okay. Yes. That is hard.

But so is what we do instead.

Eating it. Swallowing it whole. Pretending it doesn't exist, that it's not with us every moment, that it doesn't affect every relationship we have. Letting it slowly burn us from the inside-out. Shoving it into the box, fighting to close it, sitting on the lid, and praying that we are strong enough to keep it contained. And then falling apart on the days (weeks, months) when it breaks free. You guys. That is equally as hard.

I chose my hard for years, without realizing that's what I was doing. Until I said to a trusted counselor, "I don't want to go there. It would be awful." And she said to me in her no-bullshit way, "But you're already in hell." She was right, but damn did I hate her for pointing it out.

So I did something. And it WAS hard. But listen: It was no harder than the path I had chosen by doing nothing.

Everything costs something. Staying sedentary vs. exercising. Having the tough conversation vs. avoiding it. Changing your diet vs. eating the same comfortable stuff. Staying vs. leaving. Denial vs. acceptance. It's all hard... and you WILL choose, whether you realize it or not. Choose wisely.

#justmelissa #chooseyourhard #lovingwhatis #somuchtherapy 📷: @flyaltenes

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Honestly, I'm honored to do the work that I do and help others succeed. -->

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Lindsay Kirsch updated their cover photo.
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I just recorded my first podcast with @abreathoffreshawe !! I am feeling 😮, 😜 but mostly 🤗! Can't wait for it to come out! We dove deep into my story, journey back to me, and the tools and practices I learned (and continue to use) everyday! This includes a shoutout the #the4agreements (pictured). ❤️👊🏻🌈

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Reminder: you have to work through the fear in order to get to the other side. There are no half ways, to short cuts. Thanks for the reminder tonight @kimtrotto ❤️🙏🏻

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When I met Seth Godin a few weeks ago, he told me to lead us. Find your passion, find your purpose, and find your tribe. LEAD them!

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Why do you allow yourself to make other people more worthy/capable/smarter/better than you? There is nobody that is more capable than you, just the way you are. Step into it. Own it. Be you.

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I'm officially more than halfway through #toolsoftitans by @timferriss and it's going on my top 10 favorite books of all time! 👊🏻 roughly 300 more pages to go... 🤓📚

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Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted trying to figure out what to do in your business? Check out my Strategic Business Planning Session! You can hire me to be your project manager and your strategy focused and planned out! -->

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Get your message out and let it be heard. Stop waiting for perfection and see what happens.

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This is so true. When I have a breakthrough I almost always panic immediately after because I came up with something crazy/different/scary/impossible sounding. But this is all just fear... and I don't let it dictate what happens next. What about you?

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Practicing some self care today... I love beach walks 🐟

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