Stop Spinning Your Wheels Trying to Organize Your Info Product!

Use the 10 Powerful Questions that Have Enabled Me to Rapidly Make Thousands of Info Products, with Ultimate Clarity!

How much time will you waste, trying to figure it out yourself?...
You will start, stop, and start again... All while your competitors are gaining market authority through their info products. You will continue to loose passive income revenue potential and grow your long-term customer relationships...

Plan Like an Expert: 10 Foundational Questions that Banish Overwhelm and Anxiety So You Can Make A Rockin' Info Product Your Customers Love and That You Can Be Proud Of!

This Free Discovery Guide Will Help You:

- Become pinpoint clear on your most powerful info-offering (you know, the really juicy stuff that only YOU know and can teach others).

- Begin to organize the general structure of your info product, so that's it's easier to lay out in a step-by-step progression.

- Completely banish your uncertainty, anxiety, and fear around creating your info product. These questions get you to the bottom line!

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Here is my contribution, and daily reminder, to the @poweryogabuffalo yoga wall ❤️

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Anna Gaspari
· March 24, 2017
I am blown away by Lindsay's knowledge and work. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get focused and clear on completely your goals. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with Lindsay! Thank you LK!!!!
Kelsey Dalziel
· June 9, 2017
Lindsay fills in all the blanks and has the patience of a saint. I'm so grateful to learn from her!
One of my favorite things about being a parent is when you see your kid living life full on. Today was this kids first ever swim meet. She's never had lessons (in fact she was nicely asked to leave lessons as a 4 year old because she was too scared). She's only had 2 practices and jumped off the block once. She kicked this... look at her go! She didn't care that she basically had no idea what she was doing, she just did it her way 150% with a big smile on her face. #inspirationdaily #killedit #cantholdherback
Spirit Junkie Masterclass
Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories -- and maybe, a way forward.

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How do you keep track of your to-dos?

How often do you check email?

Good leadership to Simon Sinek... what do you think? Tell me below 👇…/want-to-see-if-someone-is-a-good-lead…

Use a time-tested journaling approach to shift your behavior, says author and host of Fear{less}, Tim Ferriss.

How do you reward yourself?

What type of work are you doing today?

ATTN: Buffalo! I’m leading a free book discussion and networking even on 10/27 @ 8am... here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book! Join me (even if you don’t read it!) More info at!

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Question from @calfussman : What are some of the choices you’ve made that made you who you are? Share 👇🏻

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What are you doing this week to develop yourself personally or professionally?

What's stopping you from being a teacher?