It's happening & It's happening BIG - Atif Aslam live in concert at 34th Annual "PSG Summit" 2018 in Lahore

Event by GnF events & Linking Media ...
Stay Tuned For updates!

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Linking Media added 13 new photos to the album: Jav & Shoz.
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Incorporate a creative touch into your homes with JAV & SHOZ

Product Photography - Social Media Marketing & Design By Linking Media

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Shiza Arif
· July 16, 2017
I was required to do a 6 weeks’ internship in order to complete my bachelor’s degree. Just thinking about bounding my summers to an internship made me feel terrified. Not to forget, this internship wo...uld have been the first time I would work. I would have a boss to whom I would have to report to, colleagues to acquaint with etc.

I completed my 6 weeks of internship at Linking Media on Wednesday and it feels like just yesterday I was called for an interview with my friend.
Let me start of by thanking Team Linking Media for making my first work experience so great, special and memorable.

I learnt so many new things that if I made a list it would be very long.
Linking Media taught me that there is no such thing as a bad idea. We were given the task to think of graphic content and captions for different posts for different clients, during our initial days. We were afraid that the content we provide them may not be the content they are looking for. But within the first hour we were told that there is no such thing as a bad idea. We were told that all ideas can be turned into great idea’s with a little “tweaking”..

Linking Media is the epitome of “there is no “I” in team”; I saw how, even on a single Facebook post, the entire office worked together as a team. From choosing the layouts of the post, to the graphic content to the editing, to the captions everything.

We were asked to make “Post-Plans” for various clients. Post plans, as the name suggests are monthly plans that basically plans what needs to be posted at what date. Each client had a different post plan which was tailored per their needs.
The supervisors taught us that research is KEY! Be it writing captions, finding a layout, or even designing a layout for a website, the key thing was research. We scoured the internet, until we came up with the next best alternative.

Perhaps the biggest and the most fun task was when Team Linking Media entrusted us with its rebranding. We were asked to search and design the logo, the web layout and even the content of the website. Of course the work we provided had to be tweaked a little bit, but being given such a big task to two in-experienced interns was an honor.

Perhaps the best part about interning at Linking Media was the fact that we saw how the work we did, was actually being used. We were told by many that “Interns never have a say” or that their opinions don’t matter etc. This was not at all the case. The feeling that I got, when I provided a caption for a certain post, then coming home, opening my Facebook page to see the very same post that I worked on, posted on the page of the client, is in-describable.

Wrapping up, thank you Team Linking Media for the best 6 weeks of work. I really look forward to working with you in the future. Best of Luck with your future endeavors. I know how hard-working each and every member of the crew is.
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Isra Saleem
· July 16, 2017
Being a BBA student, it is a requirement of my degree to complete my 6 weeks internship in my related field. After a lot of efforts and research, I was referred by a relative to check for an internshi...p in Linking Media. So Wednesday was my last day at Linking Media, marking the completion of my 6 weeks internship. It is a digital marketing firm and I must say, each and everyone there is extremely hardworking. There was no employer or an employee but everyone there worked as a team. They are so dedicated. From the Executive Director to the Director of operations, from the Creative Director to the Creative Visualizer and the Graphic designer, each and every person there was so passionate about their work. I got to learn a lot of new things, above all, I had liberty there. Being an intern there, they trusted me and made me a part of their team. I have handled customer queries of several brands, as well as designed facebook post schedules for them. I helped them in writing captions for several reowned brands, which belonged to clothing and food industry. They appreciated my work and everyday I learnt a new thing. It felt good to know that the work I was providing them with, was actually being used. Furthermore, I also did quite a lot of research regarding brand logos and posts layouts. They handed over some important work regarding their own brand as well, where we did some content writing for the website, as well as layout and logo suggestions. We all worked in an organized manner. The work we did smoothly moved from one work station to another. Where one designed a post, the other one tweaked it and lastly, after all the creative processes it was posted to the brand pages.
Overall, it was a wonderful and learning experience at Linking Media. So last but not the least, thank you so much Team Linking Media for always appreciating our work and supporting us and for being so helpful throughout our internship.
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Azan Ali
· December 9, 2017
My fave work graphic designe MashahALLAH grate work
Wasiq Wajdan
· May 16, 2016
The most Appropriate opportunity to advertise n market within budget, good to know that somebody has taken a positive n good initiative towards it (Y)
Ali Sethi & Soch - Linking Media
Soch Live #LinkingMedia
Linking Media added 12 new photos to the album: Meer Sweets & Bakers.
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Check out our work for Meer Sweets & Bakers

Design - Photography - Artwork by Linking Media

Linking Media added 6 new photos to the album: Convert.

Embody the will to be stronger than you imagine with Convert Fitness Atelier

Creative Design by Linking Media

Linking Media updated their cover photo.
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Linking Media added 10 new photos to the album: Cafe Nataliya.

It's true what they say! You make it look good and that's it - You've already won everyone over!

Well, have we? You be the judge!

Food Styling - Photography - Design By Linking Media

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Le Sucre takes flight at the Food Souq tonight!

Fri 7:30 PM UTC+05Dervish - The food SouqLahore, Pakistan
240 people interested
Linking Media added 6 new photos to the album: Le Sucre.

Pinch Me! I must be dreaming - When desires come to life by Le Sucre

Social Media Marketing - Product Styling & Photography - Creative Design by Linking Media

Linking Media added 7 new photos to the album: Valentines By LM.

Why wish people Valentine when you can have fun instead?!

- Valentine Campaigns by Linking Media

Ali Sethi & Soch - The Combination that rocked Multan.

Have a look at a classic crowd pleasing concert managed by the creative minds of Linking Media in Multan at Bloomfield Hall School.
#LinkingMedia #Event #BloomFieldHallSchool #Multan #Highlights #StayTunned

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Soch Live #LinkingMedia

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Posted by Linking Media
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Posted by Linking Media

Ali Sethi & Soch Band Live in Multan on 9th Feb at Bloomfield Hall School.

Event by Linking Media

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Linking Media
Digital/Online Marketing Agency
Linking Media added 4 new photos to the album: Daily Deli Co.

A taste so amazing, you can't have anything but Daily Deli Co.

Social Media Marketing - Creative Design - Product Photography by Linking Media

Linking Media added 8 new photos to the album: Pan & Grill.

An exquisite line up by Pan & Grill is now Live in the corner oasis of Lahore known as Bahria Town.

Social Media Marketing - Creative Design - Food styling and photography Linking Media