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  • There's something I've never told anyone. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had stories and fantasies running through my head all the time. My parents noticed back in the days when I'd talk to the mirror, carrying on the dialog of all the characters. Even now, my husband thinks I'm an angel for being able to sit patiently for over an our in the parking lot as our kids take Tae Kwon Do every day. What he never knew was I'm constantly going over stories, reworking scenes, rephrasing dialog, and otherwise fantasizing any time I'm not focusing on other things (like reading a good book!). So naturally, I've always wanted to write these stories so other people can enjoy them. My first book, BALANCING LIGHT - AMPLIFIED, is now available.

    I won't go into the story line here, only what I like in a good book. First, character development is everything to me. I love to love the characters, see them challenged and learning from the outcome, I love to see them grow in front of my eyes. Second, I love a good story that surprises me, something that hasn't been told a hundred times. Third, and most of all, I love a story that has heart, that leaves you with a lesson about yourself, a book that causes you to grow along with the characters. I hope my new book will do all of this for you.
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