I just realized I have four weeks to finish the manuscript for Journey before my next ankle surgery (to repair torn tendons). Nothing like that to give me a boost and get it done. I've laid out all the ground work and just have to write it out. There will be 3 channeled messages in the book, too. Hopefully it will be out in April or May, and I'll keep you posted.

Lisa Andres

I will be doing two out of state events in 2018. The Soulworks Expo in Omaha, NE March 10th & 11th and the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo October 27th. I'm excited to do both of those events and will see you in Omaha and Iowa City in 2018. Namaste.

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I'll be in Hudson, WI today with many lovely people. I love working for spirit!

Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair Hudson, WI- Saturday, October 7th, 2017 Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair Saturday, October 7th, 2017 10 am – 5 pm $5 admission at the door (cash only) Located at Hudson House 1616 Crestview Drive Hudson, WI Gift Bags for first 25 people in the door! Plus Hourly Door Pr...

I'll be in Eau Claire, WI at this event tomorrow if you want to come out and get a reading. I hope to see you there!

Sat 10:00 AM CDTMetropolis ResortEau Claire, WI
159 people interested

HUDSON, WI BodyLabUSA is coming to you on October 7th, 2017,10am-5pm at Hudson House Hotel!! Come explore everything Spiritual and Holistic. Share this post for... a chance to WIN a FREE Reading! We will have a variety of vendors offering Psychic, Tarot, & Angel Readings, Aura Photos, Various types of Energy Healers and Crystals, Gemstones and much much more. We will also have a Group Gallery event with "The Minnesota Medium" Lisa Andres, as well as 5 FREE Lectures. $5 Entrance Fee. FREE gift bags to the first 25 people. We have something for everyone. For more info or to purchase tickets online visit our site below!

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Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair Hudson, WI- Saturday, October 7th, 2017 Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair Saturday, October 7th, 2017 10 am – 5 pm $5 admission at the door (cash only) Located at Hudson House 1616 Crestview Drive Hudson, WI Gift Bags for first 25 people in the door! Plus Hourly Door Pr...
Lisa Andres
Tomorrow I will be working at Echo Bodine's Aurapalooza from 10am - 5pm providing readings. Life is good.

I will be there giving readings all day - will you?

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BodyLabUSA is with Joel Smeby and 20 others.

Our Eau Claire fair is just around the corner! Help us spread the word!!!!!

Lisa Andres
Saturday I will be out providing readings at Echo Bodine's Aurapalooza
10am - 3pm
5356 Chicago Ave S Minneapolis

Info and paypal button for my 9/9 Psychic Medium Development Class are now on my website (click the 9/9 date).

Class is limited to 10 - reserve your seat today.

Psychic Medium Lisa Andres specializes in past lives and connecting with your deceased loved ones, bringing you specific messages of love from the other side.

Here is the title of my upcoming book

Lisa Andres
Journey - The Gift of Being a Psychic Medium

by Lisa Andres

To work for spirit is an absolute privilege. I just gave an hour long reading that was a roller coaster ride for both of us (me and the client), but I doubt either of us would trade it. I asked the Universe once why I do this work and my guides simply said "Because you can." Helping people and working for spirit is one of the greatest gifts I could have and share with others. Life is good.

Lisa Andres
I feel so blessed to be helping others. I'm out at Echo Bodine's Aurapalooza providing readings from 10-3 today. Life is good.

There's been a delay to my new book, but I'm thinking the manuscript will be done by September. All is well. Perhaps the book will be out in my favorite month - October. I guess that's the life of a writer. The cover/title will be revealed at a date that's TBD. Life is good.

A One day class with Guidance for Psychic Mediums, and a safe place to work (by doing practice readings) and learn from each other in the process.

Details regarding price and registration will come soon.

Sat 10:00 AM CDTSheraton Bloomington HotelBloomington, MN
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Lisa Andres updated her status.

What a privilege to teach a Psychic Medium class all weekend. I had the most lovely, grateful students that truly pushed themselves, and feel so blessed to be able to teach. Life is good.

Leslie-Anne Menzies

MONDAY MESSAGE Archangel Michael
24th April, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,


You are on the cusp of a massive evolutionary spike in Human Consciousness. You held and arranged the space for this to occur, and occur it will.

You are bringing forth wisdom and information that has been “hidden” for eons.

The time is right - the time is NOW.

You will experience some of your greatest triumphs in these next coming months. For many, this has been a long process and some have given up just before the end line was insight.

For those who have stayed the distance and continued on against all the obstacles that appeared on your pathway, YOU will reap rewards beyond your wildest imaginings.

These are the times you came for. You have prepared for such moments as these when you first set your foot on Planet Earth in this lifetime. You knew what was before you. You knew it was not to be an easy accomplishment BUT still you said “send me,” I can complete this mission against all the odds - and here YOU are.

You were NEVER alone, we walked every step of the way beside you, encouraging you when you became too weary to continue.

You have now begun to “feel” that progress has indeed been made and you are leaning into the New Earth with new awareness and insights being delivered to you daily.

Still more of the puzzle pieces are to be revealed and we remind you Dear Ones, each of you hold your own Unique Piece and each of you is required to step forth and place that piece so that ALL can be revealed.

What is your piece Dear One and are you bringing it forward?

No more time to hide or play small in the shadows. The shadows are fading into the Light that is now radiating in greater quantity each new day.

Be the Creator you came to be Dear Ones.

It is indeed your time to shine and the tools are now available for that to happen for each of you. Deep in your hearts you know these words to be true. You have been given the gift of greater confidence, you have searched your Higher Heart and you are now ready to Shine - please do so Dear Ones.

This transition you are instigating is now fully engaged and you are the Transition Team employed to bring the Light.

Dear Ones much is unfolding in your reality now and you are no longer buying into the “fearful” information being played out in an effort to control and manipulate you as in the past. Your unique Light and Soul Signature now defines YOU.

In the past we have stated NO MORE WARS on Planet Earth.

The Company of Heaven, the Galactics and the Beings of Light support the Earths return to full being-ness and will no longer allow or tolerate what you have been told by the mainstream “fear” campaigns.

You are more knowledgable now, and will no longer be seduced into “fear” thinking. You are the keepers of the New Earth, a pristine New Earth awaits you. You are creating it daily with your LIGHT AND THE LOVE that you are.

Come out fully from the shadows Dear Ones, let your Light shine to its fullest radiance and no darkness can exist in that space.

Dear Ones, we always have, and always will be your Companions on the journey. The journey has stepped up, the excitement is palpable and we stand together Heart to Heart.

Let’s step into this next evolutionary leap once again.

And so it is.


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