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Good to hold children back

When waiting is good.

Well, the campaign and election are over. Obviously, I would have preferred to win the election, but I gave it my best, so I have no regrets. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Not sure exactly what lies ahead, but whatever it is, I look forward to it.


Here is the link to the extended interview from channel 3:…/242…/lF6rM9r7rk6ukcazDkm_gw

As your local election headquarters we are taking a look each night at the candidates in Wichita County races.

I met with the Times Record News editorial board Friday morning. I felt good about the interview, and will be interested in the newspaper's perspective.
I'm noticing more newspaper ads for various candidates. At this time, I'm not planning on investing in one of these ads. Please help me spread the word.

Wow, this past week flew by. I have walked more neighborhoods, and distributed more signs. However, I still have a partial box of signs I need to get put up. I may not be reaching some of YOUR FB friends, so please share this info.

Earlier this week, I spoke with someone I know who didn't know I was running for County Clerk. As Bethany would say, "That is no bueno!". I absolutely MUST get the word out. I walked neighborhoods this afternoon as I put out yard signs. And I will continue to do so daily.
Please help if you can. Please share this FB page as well as encourage your family, friends and coworkers to vote for me.
Thank you so much. Early voting is just around the corner.

Delivered signs this afternoon. If you don't have one, PM me, and we will deliver. Deliveries will be made to Burkburnett and Iowa Park and Electra this week.

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Lincoln, Reagan Unity Dinner Friday night. Texas State Party Chairman, Steve Munistieri, was inspiring. It was a great event.

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Kind of surprised not to have heard from anyone re the paper trail. Ok, do you have any concerns the accuracy of electronic voting?

I have a question. Several voters have expressed their desire to receive some sort of paper trail after they vote. If you feel this way, can you be specific as to what you are asking for, and how would it be useful?
The request for some type of "receipt" has come up several times, and I am curious as to what it would be, and it's purpose.
Let me hear from you!

Just got back from the Newstalk 1290 morning show. I enjoyed visiting with the host, Mike Hendren, and took a couple of calls from listeners. Thank you for the interest and the opportunity!

Going to go set up my booth at "Heart of a Woman" Expo. Come by and see me tomorrow!!!

The senator is pushing gently against the idea that tactics should divide conservatives when they largely agree on substance.

My signs are here. Message me!!! We deliver, install, AND remove after the election. Now THAT'S service!

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Spending the day in Iowa Park tomorrow. Hope I don't freeze!!!

I have news, Team Talley. T-shirt Safari is going to do our shirts. They are $10 each, and it will take 7-10 days to get them. I plan on turning in the order Friday. Message me your size, and we'll get 'em ordered. Woohoo!!!