Today's Autumn Budget changes have been added to tax calculator. Select Draft 2018/19 from the Tax Year to see the changes.

Listentotaxman UK Tax Calculator 2017 to calculate income tax, national insurance, student loan repayment, pension contributions.

Sept dates and deadlines now on the calendar. Note, a big deadline Sept end, for Businesses who may want to backdate the Small Business Rate Relief to 2010 rates.

Updated with August and September 2017 Dates, take a look at key dates and deadlines for the summer months

Tax dates and deadlines for July up. Note, everyone should have received their Tax Credit Renewal Pack before the 26th of June.

Now updated with July dates, here's a list of important tax dates and deadlines for the coming months.

Have you any tax to claim back from 2012/13? If you do not claim it within the next 2 days, it will be too late. For more info see our end of tax year guide.…/use-allowances-to-reduce-your-…

Some tax savings tips that can be implemented before April 5th.

You have 5 days left to use up any unused pension allowance from 2013/14; or to claim back any overpaid tax from 2012/13; or to top up your NI contributions for the sake of your state pension for 2010/11.…/use-allowances-to-reduce-your-…

Some tax savings tips that can be implemented before April 5th.

Have you renovated or converted a Business premises in a disadvantaged area? April 1st is the end of the Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA) for Corporation Tax, the 5th for Income Tax. A 100% tax allowance for certain spending when you’re converting or renovating qualifying business premises in a disadvantaged areas.…/business-premises-renovation-allowance…

Find out what Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA) is and what costs and buildings qualify for it.

Philip Hammond announces U-TURN on planned increase to self employed NIC contributions, after Tory backbench oppose the measure.

Full text of Chancellor Philip Hammond's letter to Conservative MPs explaining his decision to scrap National Insurance increases for the self-employed.

New NS&I bond from April paying 2.2% on deposits up to £3,000.

Funding for NHS with the allocation of £2 billion for adult Social Care, taking pressure off hospital beds. Another £100m for on site GP triage in Hospital A&E's to deal with lesser injuries and reduce waiting times on our A&E departments.

Self Employed getting hit again. NIC's Class 4 to increase to 10% from April and 11% April 2019; and tax free dividend allowance getting slashed- From April it will be £2,000 (it was £5,000).

New Tax Free Childcare details announced. #Budget2017 details from HMRC…/tax-free-childcare-10-things-parents-s…

Ten things to know about the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

Budget updates: CGT to drop to 19% next year and 17% by 2020.

With Philip Hammond about to take to the floor, be sure to check out your tax changes from April 6th using our updated calculator

Calculate your 2017/2018 UK wage now with our free salary calculator. #1 since 98 our payslip shows take home net pay & tax paid on your gross wages

Heads up people, next Wed, the 8th is Budget Day- the last Spring Budget. Philip Hammond announced last Nov that from April, the main Budget announcements will be made in the Autumn, not Spring.

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Tips on what business expenses you can claim when self employed.

Landlords completing a last min Self Assessment Return, have a look at our Landlord Tax Guide.…/tax-gu…/landlord-tax-guide.html

In our detailed Landlord Tax Guide, our experts tell you what you can claim in expenses and a comprehensive insight into HMRC tax rules