Check out our new song, "Look the Same"! This song will eventually appear on an album that Matt and I started working on over the summer. Hopefully we'll get some more stuff done over the winter. Anyway, enjoy this recording and make sure to let us know what you thought and to share it with others!…/look-the-same-from-the-summer

Here's an unmastered and raw recording of "Look the Same" from our upcoming album thing. Make sure to follow us on Facebook - www.faceboo...

Well, it finally happened. The Mans have been approved by Amy Poehler as being, "Alan Thicke worthy." Hear her, Alan Thicke (Paul F. Tompkins!), and Scott Aukermann compare us to The Beach Boys and describe our esoteric millionaire lifestyle. (Listen to this week's Comedy Bang Bang from around 1:23:00 to after 1:25:00.)

In other news... we did record a lot of stuff for an album. We've got more to do, but it'll happen eventually! Stay tuned...

Cancel all your plans because Amy Poehler is back along with co-host Neil Campbell for a post-Emmys chat on today’s Comedy Bing Bong! Amy gives us ...
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Good company.

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Since today is our usual weekly update day, we're reposting our NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Whaaaa? Yup. Learn what it's like to record a song with The Mans and then download it for your iPod/iPhone/Zune/whatever else! Remember to share with your friends!

See how a song gets recorded from start to finish. Then download the song for yourself at

We made a music video! ANNND, you can download our new song, "Memo" for ANY PRICE! You want it for free? We'd love you to have it! Any coin you give us will go towards the cost of us recording in the studio.

We recommend watching this in HD and using headphones, but that's mainly because we're snobs.

Thanks for your support!

Download the song (name your own price, including FREE) at

Dearest tens of fans,
Get ready! Our biggest update EVER is coming this week. It might even come out a little early! So, be on the look out and, of course, help us spread the word.


The Mans added 7 new photos to the album: Recording with, like, real equipment. — with Matt Jaworski and Nick Jaworski.

It's new music Tuesday! This week, we bring you a song written by Nick, Caitlin McGovern, and Ted Yelton. We attempted to write and record a song in an hour (we didn't quite make it). Matt joins us to play and sing, as well. Click the link for the rest of the story and the lyrics!

Listen to the song here on Facebook OR click the link to read the story behind the song. Think of it as a DVD extra or something.

The Mans just got a new toy.

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Super Tuesday, everybody. This one gets loud.

Listen to the song here on Facebook OR click the link to read the story behind the song. Think of it as a DVD Extra. Or something?

Is it Tuesday yet?

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Listen to the song here on Facebook OR click the link to read the story behind the song. Think of it as a DVD extra. Or something!

Psst.... New track from "The Mans" tomorrow...

The Mans is with Nick Jaworski.

Confusion is a normal part of the recording process.

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