Little Hexes - Heirophant

Thank you Willamette Week for the lovely pic of our light chimes! By the way, tonight's the last night of the festival. Hope to see you there!

From now until Saturday, the city will be overrun by dozens of large scale, interactive light installations. The third annual Winter Light Festival officially opens tonight, but installation has been going on all week—you may have notice strange metal objects popping up around OMSI since Tuesday. ...

TONIGHT Oregon Art Beat showcases our musical interactive "Light Chimes"! Watch 8pm on OPB, or online, or just come out and frolic with us at the Portland Winter Light Festival this Thursday-Saturday!…/programs/artbeat/episodes/1908/

After attending the Fete du Lumiere in Lyon, France, Portland native Chris Herring thought a festival of this type would be perfect for his hometown. Now in its second year, the Portland Winter Light Festival features more than 60 illuminated art pieces, a lantern parade and illuminated bike ride.

Play with us at the Portland Winter Light Festival this Thursday-Saturday night. Our interactive musical Light Chimes installation, created with our friends at Sticky, has been invited back!

Portland's premier outdoor winter arts event that transforms, illuminates, and animates the nighttime landscape. Celebrate with us! Feb 1-3, 2018.

Found this abandoned little hexes quiz after the show. They got a few right! Now here are the correct answers!

Bela Lugosi's Dead :: heart attack (poor Bela!)

Donna Lee :: stalker (of course!)


Who Is Mosey Green? :: twisters (but coulda been hot wheels tracks)

Cactus Man :: pricks

O Rings :: stratospheric explosion

The Ballad of Jillyboo :: nymphomania (the cowboys are hot!)

Spellbound :: rag dolls

Brand New Bicycle :: collision (mash up of Melanie's "Brand New Key" and Queen's "Bicycle Race")

Glampire :: exsanguination

The Predestination of Sarah Goode :: hanging (after her witch trial!)

Pick Axe :: lethal injection (would also accept the answer "death by George W. Bush")

Mister Madame Bovary :: nursing needs

Phineas Gaged :: whiskey, or whores? (trick question! the spike didn't kill him!)

Bombamotion :: erotomania (The Gap "You Dropped the Bomb" plus Animation "Obsession")

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Thank you World Famous Kenton Club, The Stubborn Lovers, and Mammoth in Space for turning our Halloween kick-off into a love fest! Had such an amazing time, we're just now getting out of our PJs..... (And extra huge thanks to Michael Joyce for being our whistling cowboy and funkmeister, Rob Simms for wrangling the sound board, and Darka and Miri for the fan pic!)

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Darka Dusty to little hexes * The Stubborn Lovers * Mammoth in Space

Thank you little hexes for a superb evening. We are your biggest fans. 🔥

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Packing up our gear for Friday's show at the World Famous Kenton Club! ....Stalkers? Check! ....Twisters? Check! ....Stratospheric explosions? Check! ....Nymphomania, rag dolls, whiskey and whores, exsanguination, hanging, snake bits, bombs? Check check and check!

5 bucks gets you in the door, but we can't promise you'll get out...

'Tis the season for death and disaster rock! Hanging, lethal injection, heart attack, axes, exsanguination, poisonous pricks, stratospheric explosion, snake bite, twisters, rag dolls, stalkers, collisions, erotomania, poetic injustice...

These are just some of the seventeen ways little hexes' beloved, maligned characters will suffer and meet their demise. So grab a drink and laugh at what ails ya with our catastrophic little pop songs!

The psychedelic aural combo platter of ...Mammoth in Space will start messing with our minds at nine, then we'll drown our sorrows with The Stubborn Lovers' Americana, fueled by whiskey, asphalt, AM gold, and lifetimes of heartache.

$5 at the door...or we chop off a hand...

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We had incredible fun last night at The Lombard Pub ~Thank you fans, and special thanks to Lagoon Squad for playing with us! And to our horn section, Lucynda Beth Thompson and Michael Joyce, who kazooed the hell outta our Green Day/Chicago mash up~ Huzzah!

Little hexes is coming out of the weeds for our first show in awhile --Tonight! Lombard Pub! 9pm & free! Until then, hang out in our cool little garden.

Little Hexes spent a little time outdoors enjoying the Portland, Oregon springtime & summer.... and our cool little toy kaleidescpe. Here's a little teaser o...
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This Saturday! little hexes drags a whole gaggle of characters into the Lombard Pub ~ Salem witch Sarah Goode is gonna flip a musical bird from the gallows. Our beloved Cactus Man will have a fling with Romeo Void. Just a classic hexy night, singing about everything from roller skates and radium to O-rings and explosions ~ Plus the loud lounge rock sounds of Lagoon Squad will kick the evening off just right.

It's been a long time in between shows for little hexes. Join us Saturday. We'll be sharing new tunes and old faves (like this one, called Heirophant).

Little Hexes & Lagoon Squad
Saturday, July 22
Lombard Pub, 3416 N. Lombard...
Show starts 9pm | No cover

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Apparently this has to do with 17-century Rosecrucians. We don't know what they used it for, but it's clear our July 22 show is gonna feel just like this!

There's Amy, Anmarie, and Karamy in the turrets, tickling your fancy with our voices, and Jen anchoring the whole contraption with her drummage. And that must be Lagoon Squad, rising from the well. (It's the water!) Come out for the shenanigans!

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little hexes have been hangin’ out and recharging with some 17th-century Rosicrucians (whaaa? Wikipedia!), learning how the soul wanders around while you sleep ~ but we’re back now, and feeling revitalized!

We return with company! Salem witch Sarah Goode joins our cast of characters, to flip a musical bird from the gallows. And while we were slumbering, our beloved Cactus Man had a fling with Romeo Void. But you just won’t believe what happened to Mister Madame Bovary. Begging the question ~ it wouldn’t really be summer without bicycles, roller skates, and a couple explosions, would it?

The loud lounge rock sounds of Lagoon Squad will start us off with a dreamy sway on the dance floor!

little hexes' light festival collaboration with Sticky is on Oregon Art Beat!…/portland-winter-light-festival-sparks…/

By the time February rolls around here in the rainy northwest, most folks are going a little bit crazy. A respite from those mid-winter woes: the Portland Winter Light Festival

A little video of our Light Chimes at the Portland Winter Light Festival, plus a short interview with our collaborators at Sticky Co. Bundle up and come out to play!

Celebrate the spirit of winter and the warmth of community! The second annual Portland Winter Light Festival, a Willamette Light Brigade event, illuminates the Eastbank Esplanade and Zidell Yards. Hosted by OMSI, you'll find contemporary light-based art in

Stiltwalkers and dragons enjoying our light chimes at the Portland Winter Light Festival! Thank you Sticky Co. for collaborating with us!

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