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Tóth-Burján Hilda
· January 19, 2018
Nice apartments and amenities, very friendly office staff and leasing managers: Kevin helped us pick out our apartment- he was very helpful, honest and patient with us; Kady and Courtney are always gr...eeting us with a smile and promptly assist us with whatever we need.

Another great thing about them is that they also organize four community events per month, which include football watching w/ snacks, board games, Saturday breakfast, wine Wednesdays, holiday events, cookies and hot cocoa etc.

There is only one issue around here: some resident pet owners seem to think, that picking up after your pet is optional... (We have a dog as well, but it would never cross our minds not to pick up after her...)
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Bill Hughes
· October 8, 2017
Awful. Simply awful. The most unpleasant experience I have ever had. All you need to do is look at their ranking on the website of the Better Business Bureau to learn what kind of customers service yo...u can expect. All of the sites where Greystar has location either have ratings of "D-" or "F". DO NOT RENT FROM THESE CROOKS. You have been warned. See More
Amber Smith
· September 2, 2016
I would highly recommend looking elsewhere if you have more than one vehicle (or a car other then a smart car) or plan on having guests visit. I am a frequent visitor as my boyfriend is a resident and... I cannot even park in the designated guest parking spots without receiving a ticket. The reason being is that LIV does not communicate with the parking sharks they hired to issue tickets. I have called two times over the last three days for tickets I did not deserve. So unless you want to wake up to a ticket on your car and spend your morning talking to Diamond Parking Co. then I would reconsider moving here. Even my boyfriend receives parking tickets in the resident lot because he cannot fit in the spots as he drives a Jeep.

LIV- I recommend that for your sake you contact the parking service you hired and get on the same page. I am so tired of them telling me to pass on notes to your company. Talk about unprofessional and yet another way to waste my time.

It just baffles me that LIV pretends to be on your side but as soon as the lease is signed, they turn against you. LIV has said several times that they would resolve the parking situation but nothing has been done and it has been months! LIV needs to make things right with Wells Fargo so we can use their lot at night and on Sunday's as that was the only time parking wasn't a headache. Save yourself the hassle and rent from somewhere that cares about you and your needs.
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Chad Ghneim
· June 1, 2016
I would definitely think twice probably 3 times before you rent from Liv apartments. They sucker you in with a free month rent and gift card but lie to you in the process to get the sale. I was lied t...o twice when asking questions about the units like the cancelation fee, and parking questions. I was told what I want to hear instead of the truth. I asked very specific questions and were lied drastically to about both. No accountability for that either, shady salesmen trying to fill the property. Parking is beyond terrible, I've never experienced this kind of issues with parking anywhere I've lived. There's about 10 guest spots in 4 huge apartment buildings, to make it worse all the amenities your allowed to use close at 10 on the dot! If your grilling late because there's only 4 grills for 4 huge apartments , you need to go; even if ur grilling by urself cause you want to make lunches/dinners for the week. The 3rd lie is, when I signed up for the lease they said parcel pending a mail service is an option and 20 bucks which you can do later if you wanted to. Within 30 days they eventfully scold me about having to get parcel pending mail service or they won't accept my mail for me. Another 30 days later i see 15-20 at times mail get delivered without the extra mail service. To make it worse , key fob entry doors, and the north/south gate are always down (especially the north). A selling point to live in the north tower was because you want to connected to the parking structure. If the structure is down 1-2 times a week doesn't that defeat paying an additional 200 bucks a month to stay in the north? Go spend ur money somewhere else, complex is disappointing in way more than what makes it great. I almost forgot, when I signed the lease 2 months ago I was told sewer, water, trash was 40 bucks for 1 person, even had it written down when I wrote he costs of rent/utility and parking. I just got my 2nd bill and it's 107 bucks for one person to have sewer trash and water?! Are you kidding me. Honestly all they did is lie to get me to sign so that they can fill the spaces. I'm counting down the days to get out of this place. See More
CarmellaRyen Macababbad
· January 15, 2016
The first person I talked to, Jacob, was great. I told him what was important to me and asked him to email me more info because I had to run. The next person, Tammy I believe, was extremely rude. As a... Program Manager, I have a very busy schedule but I happened to suddenly have a couple of hours free. I ran over to the LIV office to see if I might be able to walk in or schedule an appointment. I walked out livid. I was having a fantastic day until then. The lady I talked to was rude and argumentative. She told me that LIV has incentives available if you rent on the same day that you view their floor plans but after that you won't qualify for the incentives. I thought that was a bad business model because I, personally, will consider my investments for longer than the hour it takes to do a tour. So she told me that she's "been doing this for 25 years and that's how" most places are setup. Well, I've never seen it. Sure I've seen "rent by x date, get this" but never this 'once you see it make a decision now' model except for QVC's or As Seen On TV's, "But wait, there's more! buy in the next 10 minutes and you'll get not one, but two...!" nonsense that you expect to see on TV infomercial not in what is supposed to be "luxury apartments."

In any case, I told the gal I've rented several places and never seen it, to which she promptly replied, "well then, maybe this isn't the right place for you." Well that escalated quickly. But you're right. This isn't the right place for me. Because YOU just told me it wasn't. Wow.
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Cody Allen
· August 21, 2016
This week is our last week at LIV after 18 months of calling it home. Overall, we have really enjoyed living here. Below are a few highlights from over the past year and a half:

- Most importantly, I really love the units and floorplans. The finishes are very modern and everything seems well built.
- All members of the leasing office team have great personalities and are always welcoming. Kim, the assistant manager, is always helpful and I would recommend always reaching out to her with any concerns. She is biased for action which is exactly what you need when facing a problem.
- The outside common areas and landscaping are incredible. Very relaxing to spend time in those spaces on sunny days with family and friends.
- Greystar has restored community events which happen on a regular basis. These are always a great way to meet your neighbors and the management team.

- While guest parking options have improved, it can still be challenging. If you do not want to make your guests pay for parking, you must plan ahead of time and obtain a parking permit from the leasing office. You are limited to one of these permits per household. Ultimately management is trying their best to accommodate guest parking under the constraint of limited parking infrastructure.
- The utilities at LIV run on the higher side. Units are not individually metered for water/sewage. So the water/sewage bill for the entire property is split up evenly among *registered* residents. Therefore you're paying for other people's overuse or unregistered occupants. For our 1 bedroom and 2 occupants, the utilities ran around $250 a month and sometimes as extreme as $300 a month. This is around $100 more than some of the energy efficient, individually metered complexes nearby.
- At times, when expressing concerns to management, responses are vague and political. It does come across as disingenuine and lack of caring.
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Kamelly Saunders
· March 1, 2016
I live here since the end of November and I absolutely love it. Everyone is nice. Tammy, the managers and all the staff are great people. Our leasing agent was Tammy and she is a funny, yet lady. We felt like home from the minute we stepped in for touring because of the way Tammy treated us. See More
Tracy Williams Atkinson
· November 23, 2015
I love this building! Great vibe at LIV and an exceptional staff!! Cool amenities and location make this a top spot for Apartment living!
Stevie Bundy
· January 12, 2016
Ever since greystar took over this place is terrible.. do not move here
Jungjung Tsai
· September 7, 2016
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