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Steffani Ann reviewed Limitless Life5 star
January 11

I ordered Chloe from the website because I get seasonal affect disorder in the winter and it makes my whole life feel brain-foggy. I also have memory problems after being in a car accident years ago. Both issues shockingly cleared right up. I'm sort of zooming around, getting things done again, not feeling so depressed. It has pulled me out of a funk and I really appreciate it 100%. I also ordered Katy but will try it when I have an awesome upcoming event. If it works like Chloe does, I can barely wait!

Samantha Adrienne reviewed Limitless Life5 star
January 5

5 stars in every category you can think of, and then some most people don’t think of. The people behind the business. PEOPLE. Personally, Dolan has shown me kindness well beyond any need to do so. I admire the people behind this business and the ethical standards for which it was built from and continues to grow. I am proud to stand behind this company, its products, and the community that is building around it.

I really liked it. I thought for sure it was going to be a typical caffeine supplement that just made me nervous and gave me the jitters. This was an extremely CLEAN lift. Honestly, I was up for two days without any problems what so ever. This is a brilliant way to have energy and feel totally in control at the same time. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to other things.

Carla Cook reviewed Limitless Life5 star

I have experienced nothing other than quick shipping and excellent conversations with a sketch-free morning after. Katy and the entire limitless life company are amazing! Thank you for deep relaxation and vigor to keep going strong.

Jake Steele reviewed Limitless Life4 star
May 22, 2017

More like 3.5 to 3.75, Shipping took about 3-4 weeks to Canada through customs. They marked as sample and I didn't have to pay customs yay. I am 6"1 210 lbs and my buddy is close to the same. We tried two of these before going out in the town. Neither of us had slept well the night before and were drinking all day haha. First these things made us gassy af for the first hour and a bit. After that there was for sure a noticeable clean rush of energy, were up later then the nigh...t before despite being tired during the day. We were a little bit more friendly and we drank less and danced more then the night before. Also had a few more waters instead of drinks when I got to that happy point and didn't get hung over haha so that's a plus. It didn't really replicate the drug experience but it was definitely better then just drinking. It seems like it would be a great supplement product if you could buy a triple stack for like $4 at the sevvy down the street right before going out to the club for drinks to just help boost your energy and mood.

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Amy Webb Perdue reviewed Limitless Life5 star

We love Katy! It works exactly as promised. No morning after hangover! We are ready to place our third order to receive in time for NYE. Great product 😊

Eva Kurilova reviewed Limitless Life5 star
May 26, 2017

I was very pleasantly surprised when I took just one capsule today! I was feeling pretty sleepy beforehand but once it finally took effect after about 40 minutes I felt really awake and just overall positive and uplifted. I had it with a small cup of coffee, but as I drink a LOT of coffee just one cup wouldn't have been enough to make me feel the way I did. I definitely felt different and had a lot of energy when hiking around a bit. Can't wait to do it again next time I go for a hike.

Theresa Struckmeyer reviewed Limitless Life5 star
May 10, 2017

Great supplement and I am the type that never sees results from supplements. I took 2 with my husband on 2 occasions. Once just at home listening to music and had a great time and the other at a night club. I have to wake up early for work so staying up late is an issue for me . I was able to stay up past 2 am with no issue even after waking up before 6 am . It also helped me stay in a positive /fun mood. We are both very type A personalities and we find it hard to let lose at times but this did the trick . It was hard to sleep afterwards but not a big deal. No stomach issues either. 100% legal mood /energy boost ... what's not to love ? I did have a hang over next day mostly just felt tired but may be lack of sleep plus we had some drinks so it could be the drinks . I like it and will order more !

Beronica Avila Urbina reviewed Limitless Life5 star

I'm just kidding about the number of stars I gave. Seems like people are really BS'ing these reviews. I ordered a pack of 4(took about a month to arrive), took 3 at once with a multi vitamin and a tablespoon of coconut oil. So one hour passes, nothing. 2 hours, nothing. Maybe a slight increase in heart rate. That's about it. Don't have anything else to say about it other than I'm pretty sure it's a hoax. I didn't get sick (lucky me) but I don't really see it being worth the money. You can order it to see for yourself but I don't see what the point to it is. I have never tried molly or anything like that so I thought a natural alternative might be cool. But like I said, it does nothing so hopefully you guys don't waste your time and money like I did lol.

Edward Sticke reviewed Limitless Life1 star
May 21, 2017

The only thing I liked was the cool packaging and all the good reviews that are now deemed false. I took 4 capsules 2 separate times and walked around the block and a good multivitamin from the vitamin shoppe. Neither time did I feel any different. I feel more taking a decongestant or an advil pm and not sleeping. . If you wanna feel like you're on Molly or ecstacy then find them and don't waste your money away like I did. I still have some left if anyone wants them.