And he's off! Bike MS! 🎗
Living MS Winners!
Lunch rest stop! 37.9 miles in!
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I saw my hip surgeon today. I have an MRI scheduled for Monday to see what is going on with my left hip since this injection last month did not work. There is a chance it’s my MS. If we determine that’s the case I will start a round of steroids but we will wait to see what the MRI reveals before I go that route because I absolutely detest steroids and how they affect my body.
I also had lab work done for my upcoming Neurology appointment on Friday. Fun times! 🎗💪🏻

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Beth Cates Donaldson

March is MS Awareness Month 🎗 Next month will be 7 years since my diagnosis in 2011 @ the age of 40 (2 weeks shy of my 41st Birthday). I’m the 4th family membe...r on my paternal side (grandfather & 2 aunts) to have this disease that still has no cure (my grandfather and 1 aunt passed away due to complications due to MS). I also have a first cousin who has Crohn’s disease which is closely related to MS (his mom,my aunt is the one who passed away in the early 90’s due to complications from MS). As long as I have been alive MS has been a part of our family. The funny thing is though, I never thought I would “get it”.
I’m on my 4th drug modifying therapy treatment (started a new one in December) in less than 7 years due to continued progression of this disease (new brain lesions & spinal lesions). These lesions are found and monitored annually (sometimes more frequently) with MRI’s of the Brain & Spine. The doctors also believe my Osteoarthritis is so severe because of my MS. Not many 47 years olds have had 2 hip replacements just
Our charity Living MS Society continues to raise funds in hopes of finding a cause and a cure for MS. We plan on doing another bike ride this fall! Stay tuned for details and if you’d like to be a sponsor let us know and we’d be happy to provide you details! We have just started around kicking some ideas for this year’s ride. We are very excited and look forward to what lies ahead!
Mike Donaldson
Linda Robinson Cates
Michele Monchecourt Donaldson

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Something to ponder! 🙏🏻

I recently read a blog with a sweet little story that ended with a sweet little quote that we’ve probably all heard (and said) hundreds of times.

I had my procedure this morning on my left hip (the hip I had replaced in 2015). We are hoping this injection will do the trick. I should know in about 10 days if it’s working. I’m glad it’s over, it’s not a pleasant procedure. I did take a valium beforehand to help calm me since they do not put you out. 😬. Fingers crossed, I am so ready to have no more hip pain! Enough is enough!

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Yesterday consisted of two Dr. appointments...I've been having severe pain in my left hip. This is the hip I had replaced back in 2015. At first we thought it was because I was compensating for the right side which I had replaced just 4 months ago so I've been hoping it would work itself out. Turns out that's not the case and per my orthopedist I have a rare condition with my iliofemoral ligament. I have a procedure scheduled for February 8th to hopefully help alleviate t...he pain and allow me to be able to lift my leg again. This ligament happens to be the strongest in your body but as of now I can't even put pants on without literally lifting my leg with both my hands, same goes for getting in the car or anything that I need to lift my leg for. It does not effect my walking thankfully. I was hoping that after 2 hip replacements my hip issues would be gone for the most part but right now I'm not so lucky and really frustrated. I'm glad I went to the Dr. and that my team and I work so well together. My 2nd appointment I had is the Dr. who will do the procedure and she knew something wasn't right at my last exam and at her urging she told me to get right into Dr. Klein. She had a feeling he would probably have her do something so she even put me in the books for next month knowing a procedure would probably be needed and she was right! When I left the orthopedist yesterday I went straight over to her appointment for a follow up and had a diagnosis & order for her. She too said this is rare! 😳.
Only me! 😂. I asked both Dr.'S how & why?! Both Dr.'S didn't have an answer...MS complicates everything and reeks havoc on your body in so many ways...😤🎗

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I recently saw this commercial on TV and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I was a little taken back. What are your thoughts?

Tre was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and discovered it made her extremely tired all the time, complicating the process of cooking dinner each night. When she and her partner Rich found the HelloFresh pre-planned meal service, they knew they had found something that worked for them. They say the...

So glad Janice stood up for herself! #bigstronglegs🎗

I get a few rude comments on my FB page from time to time and this one I decided to share with everyone: Dear Janice please stop allowing fox to dress you in those short skirts.

The OCREVUS is flowing! Dose #2. So far so good. Just glad I got cleared today to get it since I was turned away on Monday due to a lingering virus. A little sleepy from the Benadryl. I have my blanket, a pillow a good book and listening to instrumental Christmas music. Making the most out of this "quiet time". Mike and Hunter are both ill. Mike came down with the crud yesterday, he must have caught it from Hunter. I will need to stay away from them both now!

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Today did not goes as planned. I was scheduled for my 2nd OCREVUS infusion today. I have had a severe bout of vertigo since Friday but was hoping to still go ahead with my infusion today. Upon arrival my Dr. examined me and said I wasn't well enough to get my infusion today and sent me home to rest, drink lot of fluids start a Vertigo RX and take sudafed every 4 hours to clear up this infection. I'm beyond frustrated! My infusion is rescheduled for Friday, not what I wanted to hear. I did not want it so close to Christmas given the side effects. I can only hope I won't have any and I can get this virus cleared up. It's hard to rest the week before Christmas!! 😬

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I'm home after an extremely long day! My OCREVUS infusion went pretty smoothly until the end. We had to stop it due to my body not cooperating (my throat started out itchy then started to swell up along with my eyes and I got very congested). We stopped the meds they administered some saline then solumedrol and started the OCREVUS up again but at a slower drip time. Feeling better now but was told to take Benadryl around 7:30 and again before bed along with Tylenol. My n...ext dose is on the 18th and they will add Solumedrol (steroids) to the Benadryl pre-med concoction to hopefully avoid some of these side effects! Glad to be home and an added bonus is I don't have to cook dinner thanks to 2 amazing families! Thank you Stacy Cohen Bower for the pizza (great meat combo) 👍🏻 & salad and thank you Holly Nguyen for the Chick Fil A, broccoli & iced tea!!! 🐔🍕. Hunter is eating pizza & nuggets as I type this!! He's in heaven (his 2 favorite meals)! This makes me want to have more treatments! 😂. Just kidding, Mike said I look worn out!
Mike came and sat with me for a bit while I got my infusion and brought me a large Chick-Fil-A iced-tea! 🐔. I'm glad this first one is behind me.

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Today is the big day! Just started my infusion. One hour of pre-med (Benadryl) followed by 4 hours of OCREVUS then one hour of observation. I have a book, my laptop (hoping to get some Christmas shopping done), lunch and a couple of People magazines. All set! 😊👍🏻

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I had a very eventful Dr.'s appointment today with my Neurologist. I had my ekg and more lab work. If all results are normal they are pushing up my OCREVUS infusion start date to this Monday, Dec. 4th and will have my 2nd dose Dec. 18th! This is good because some of the side effects can be flu like symptoms and I did not want to feel lousy for Christmas. I'm hoping this gives me enough time to recoup if I do get sick..

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Big news! I met with my Neurologist and we are going to start my new treatment Dec. 19th. Still a lot of hoops to jump through before my first infusion but we've started the process. I had my chest X-ray done and it looks normal. I had 12 vials of blood drawn and I still have to have an ekg and more lab work in 2 weeks. It's crucial there is no sign of any kind of infection before one starts this treatment. After my first infusion I will have yet more lab work then anot...her six hour infusion 2 weeks later. OCREVUS was approved this past March and is supposed to be the new and best MS drug on the market. My Dr. is anxious to get me started! I'm a little anxious myself because this one like all of them has many risks and side effects but I trust my Dr. and he feels this is what is needed for me. Here's to the next journey, Merry Christmas to me. 😊 🎄🎗

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