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This smoothie is a must-try! I've been loving this cacao nibs + goji berry combo lately I also share where I buy all of my superfoods to save money!

Thrive Market is my favorite new online store that sells the top organic and healthy products at wholesale prices at up to 50% off. You've got to try it!

I use this in my smoothies every single day!

From balancing hormones to addressing seasonal allergies – this powerful ingredient has so many benefits.

Like many adaptogens, ashwagandha can help with a number of different conditions, because they’re more about supporting the body systems overall, rather than fixing specific symptoms. READ MORE...

Are your family and friends supporting your healthy lifestyle? Read on to hear my tips on how to feel more confident when explaining your dietary choices to your family and friends!

Not everyone is going to agree with your healthy lifestyle. And guess what…that’s completely ok! It’s about being confident enough to explain to your friends and family why you choose to eat and live healthy. Food is typically the focus in social situations, whether it’s meeting a friend for lunch,…

Who else loves LARABAR?!?!

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Superfoods? Organic ingredients? Delicious flavor? LÄRABAR Organic with Superfoods has it all.

Avocados are life 🥑

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Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Chris Freytag Get Healthy U

If you've ever wondered what kombucha *IS* exactly, how it gets made, or why people like me drink it nearly every day here's the scoop!

I drink 4oz of fresh pineapple juice + 1 TBS of ACV every morning 🙌🏻 Have your tried incorporating ACV into your diet yet?

Learn about ACV here - I take it everyday when I'm not traveling.. it's different than other vinegars and it's got some worthy uses!!

For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used to aid in weight loss, reduce bloating and more; here are 10 ways to incorporate it into your life.

Have you tried dry brushing yet? Watch this to learn about the benefits! Hint: glowing skin is one of them

Posted by goop

Dry brushing 101––and why it's so good for you:

Who else is excited about this?! 🙋🏻

Dairy-free Häagen-Dazs is coming!

Now the big question: How healthy are they?

Have you checked out FitLiving Eats 21 Day Meal Plan + Guide yet?! Carly did an amazing job 🙌🏻

Get 20% off for a limited time using code "refreshed" at checkout!

Are you ready...
To increase your energy?
To get rid of bloat, tone up and drop those last f...ew pounds?
To wake up to vibrant and clear skin?
To conquer unhealthy cravings?

Let me show you how to find greater confidence and health through nutritious foods and lifestyle habits! I've created 3 weeks of meal plans, EASY and delicious recipes, shopping lists, meal prep plans and more to help you in your journey!

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Already done-for-you meal plans, shopping lists, meal prep plans and more!

*GIVEAWAY ALERT* Are you ready to get unstuck with a new, healthy direction that will increase your energy, give you vibrant skin and get rid of bloat so that you can lean out?! My good friend Carly at FitLiving Eats has put together an incredible plan with robinbarrie to give you a healthy makeover from the inside out! Click on the link below to learn more and use the code "earlybird" for 20% off THIS WEEK and to be automatically entered in a $500 giveaway including @dailyharvest superfoods cups, $100 gift card to @swansonvitamins, @rxbars, @harmlessharvest coconut water, @vitalproteins collagen peptides, @supernola granola, @barelybread and so much more! Link the link below for details! #refreshmakeover

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Just another reason to add avocados to your diet!

“Metabolic syndrome” is a health term you may not have heard of—but it can be quite dangerous if not addressed...

I make these ALL the time for a sweet treat!!

Kimberly Snyder
June 12

Trying to stay on track but have sweet cravings? Check out what I have on hand for moments like these! Raw Cacao Truffles Recipe HERE:
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My FAVORITE salad from CRISP & GREEN 🌿

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June 5

On Mondays we go #vegan with the Med Remix salad! Tossed with our savory carrot-ginger vinaigrette & topped with scratch-made hummus. #meatlessmonday #livecrispeatgreen

Hi friends!

My friend, Lexi, from Educating Earthlings is launching her very own eBook!!! If you have ever thought about trying a plant based diet, this is the book for you! Lexi guides you through everything you need to know about going vegan, tasty recipes, and why eating plant based will change your life. Keep your eyes peeled for this book coming soon!

Hello my friends! If you don’t know me, my name is Lexi and I am from Minneapolis! I post recipes about the plant based…Continue Reading

Woohoo! You guys! My business coach Maria Marlowe is launching her first book called The Real Grocery Guide! This is an all-encompassing tool for making grocery shopping SO much easier! Maria breaks it all down for you.

Maria Marlowe with Ancient Harvest and 4 others.
May 12

Grocery shopping doesn't have to suck.

Cut the confusion and overwhelm, and learn how to select the healthiest foods in every aisle of the grocery store, withou...t going broke, with The Real Food Grocery Guide.

Order it here:

Praised by InStyle and Dr. Oz The Good Life, dubbed a "Must-read"and the "Most practical guide to healthy eating..." by Dr. Dean Ornish (aka the cardiologist who helped Bill Clinton get healthy after heart surgery).


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oh my gosh 💗💗💗

The first photos and details of the pink pineapples are here.

That rosy hue is gorgeous—but is the fruit healthy?