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With 20 mins left on the clock, now with Win/Mac/Linux support

The more loot, the hungrier the enemies! Fight your fantasy hoarding urges and watch yourself throw your hard earned loot away. Or fight through it and beat the game with all coins intact (HARD)

Hello all, we are looking for affiliates and promoters to help us promote our upcoming indie board game UNRAVEL. We have a trailer in the pipeline, and the affiliate program is open an all. If you have any suggestions to how we can improve our site, I am all ears

Recieve a new and exiting challenge each month with this escape-room style boardgame full of mystery and intrigue.

Toying around with a new logo concept

Trying out a new logo for size... Toying around and getting a feeling if it fits.
For the upcoming werewolf-game Hallownight
I just uploaded "Hallownight logo stinger sketch" ...

A good relatable story from the Greenlight trenches. And good advice moving forward.

A couple of weeks ago, we placed our game, Spellstrike in Steam Greenlight. I was in charge of marketing the game in Greenlight (or making the game Greenlit) and had direct contact with the Greenli…

We just launched the first chapter of Last Will, our puzzle/mystery game for PC/Mac/Linux. I am beyond excited right now We hope you will find your way past the Professor's Mansion. #lastwillgame #indielaunch

Your deranged and mysterious Grandfather dedicated the last years of his life to exclude himself from the world around him, while hiding away in the grand family estate. After his death, his rather cryptic last will and testament grants you access to his mansion, where you will earn a massive fortun...

Young voice artist looking for work. So if you need a voice talent on your indie game or project, look him up

A talented individual able to utilize the power and ability of their voice and vocal range for artistic purposes. An actor with the ability to use their voice to symbolize emotion and unique skills.

Last Will has been approved for the HumbleBundle, and all sales will chip of 10% to charity

Last Will is a reverse Escape Room game, where you need to get into the center of a grand old mansion, made by a eccentric and paranoid old professor. The player will be tested in all manner of skills like logic, perception, maths, communication, timing and riddles. The game can be played alone, or…

Looking for a strong and skilled online sales coordinator, that is not afraid to venture into the lands of online games marketing. Feel free to share.

We seek an online marketeer that know what the game industry wants, and can help them board a platform that is fair for all parts.

Affiliate campaign open!

We invite youtubers, webmasters, reviewers and fans to join our affiliate campaign for Last Will. You can help us promote our game, and will be rewarded for any sales generated, both on steam and on our website.

Read more, and join us at

Escape the evil mansion of the mad professor, alone or with your friends. A digital escape room experience for solo players or teams.

Some sunday truth and a keen observation

Last Will is now officially visible on Steam, and its looking good (still in production tho, but progressing daily towards the launch)

Your deranged and mysterious grandfather dedicated his last years of his life to exclude himself from the world around him, hiding away in the grand family estate. After his death, his rather cryptic will allows you to visit the mansion, where you will either earn a fortune for a lifetime... Or lose...

Looking for a voice actor to fill the role of Professor Gladsbury, the main antagonist of Last Will.…

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Last Will makes a sudden appearance on PopGeek's top 5 greenlight games, at a marvelous #2... This really brought sunshine on a messy monday…/

Every month, Pop Geeks looks through the extensive entries to Steam Greenlight - some of which we may have already ...

A recent conversation opened our eyes, and immediately made us write a open statement.

After talking to a handful of YouTubers, with the hopes to have some skilled people review Last Will, we were met with a concept we didn't even know existed.

Appearently, many youtubers have met situations, where a game developer could use Copyright laws and the youtube report system to threaten or directly bully reviewers if the devs did not like the outcome of the review.


This is a dire thing, and it immediately made me write a public mail, hopefully showing where I stand on this concept, and making an open pledge never to use this system.

Visit my open letter to the internet here, and follow the #wtfu (Where's the free use) to learn more.

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A word or twenty about Fair Use Let's talk about criticism, youtube and copyrights. Being a developer these days is weird. Who have to put yourself up there, among big companies and vicious dogs to get people's attention, and people move from peasants to kings, or kings to peasents in a matter of ho…

The struggle is, in fact, quite real...

Joshy Scheers to Indie Game Promo

Part 2 of the column series revolving around indie developers who are struggling with certain promotional aspects of their games (press mails).

Last time we discussed some items that cause certain developers to fall from grace, due to neglecting the importance of sending out proper press releases, ranting about minor things they don’t like in reviews, clingy behavior and other small items that often individually are no disaster, but combine…