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Liz Vaccariello

🔥💜🔥 congrats to snowboarder and momspiration Brenna Huckaby on your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot! Busy year!!

Liz Vaccariello is with Julia Cottrell Dennison.

‪Proud to announce 20 CLASSIC MOVIES for FAMILIES to WATCH TOGETHER from Parents magazine with @CommonSense. We even added a helpful sidebar “children’s movies ...that aren’t as innocent as you remember”.... “I get to be on top!” from Big?!😳 Thanks also to comments from TheLEGOMovie producer Dan Lin, Kelly Clarkson, Malin Ackerman, Jeff Kinney, Stranger Things actor Sean Astin. A keeper list for sure!

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Cozy up on the couch!
It's here! Let me know what you think!

The power of touch, the power of love.

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Love What Matters

"4 days after birth, I held my baby for the first time, it was the best feeling in the world to finally be able to hold him in my arms. He was born only 26 week...s and 3 days pregnant. They have no idea why I had him early, I’m a fairly healthy person, never missed taking my prenatal vitamins, completely cut out caffeine and exercised kind of regularly. He was only 860g at birth. For the first 4 days I wasn’t able to hold him, I was barley able to touch him. I just wanted a normal pregnancy, a normal birth, I wanted to be able to hold my baby right away, feed him and snuggle him. Grayson is now almost 6 months and doing absolutely amazing after his 84 day NICU stay. He’s happy, healthy and now I get to snuggle him whenever I want. It’s scary to think 1 in 10 babies is born premature. I just want other parents who are going through this to know it’s hard, it’s scary but you’re stronger than you think you are, your baby is a fighter and you're not alone. I hope that someday soon you get to bring your baby home, too."

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Liz Vaccariello

Behind the Scenes of our Joy Cho Parents magazine cover shoot. Takes a village to do a Parents production.

Comforting. Familiar. Christmas movies.....

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Hallmark is releasing 33 new Christmas movies, and we can hardly contain our excitement. 😍 🎄 Tag someone you need to have a movie marathon with this winter.

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Ah the shifting perspectives of Parenting.

The baby licked the swing at the playground. "It's good for her immune system," her mother said.

Jessica Hartshorn

My #ParentsBestToys on Today Show this morning, with Liz Vaccariello showing them off! Always a highlight of the year for me, after working on the story for, oh, 9 months straight.

Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Parents magazine, is on TODAY with an array of the hottest toys this holiday season, including the Batbot; Roarin’ Tyler, a tiger that roars on command; Fingerlings, toy monkeys that cling to your fingers; and the My Little Pony Swimming Seapony.

TA-DA! The new Parents magazine is out featuring the lovely Savannah Guthrie (Today show anchor + children's book author -- Princesses Wear Pants is #1 already) with her son Charley and daughter Vale gracing our cover. Watch the video in the story below for 30-seconds of adorableness -- behind the scenes at the cover shoot (bubbles! lollipops! lots of kisses!).

Books have always been important to TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie, but she began to approach them differently after she became a parent.

My first time on a podcast! I can't stand to listen to the sound of my own voice, so I haven't listened quite yet (I will! I will!), but I remember this being a wide-ranging chat about motherhood, balance, female fitness and health -- all my passions. And I adore Fit-Bottomed Girls. Have a listen!

This ep with Parents Magazing editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello will leave you equal parts inspired and ready to cut yourself a little slack.

Some really nice ones here. Happy Thursday!

Sometimes, little words of wisdom can go a long way. Here are some of our favorite quotes about overcoming the challenges of parenting.

Really proud of this interview with "Mr Magazine" Samir Husni. Have a read:

“When she’s (the consumer) reading the magazine, she needs a much quieter editorial experience. It needs to be more inspiring. And she has more time. She wants to take more of an emotional journey,…

My latest column for @readersdigest. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking (and ultimately uplifting) story Julie K. Rubini #IFoundAStory…/inspiring/daughter-dies-mom-starts-boo…/

How one mother's tragedy inspired her to make a difference in the lives of other children.
Liz Vaccariello updated their cover photo.
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Liz Vaccariello updated their cover photo.
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Health news: Tim Kaine just became the prevention candidate of 2016 via @statnews

In picking Kaine as her vice presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton puts the spotlight on an issue many believe gets short shrift: preventive health care.…