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Noel Adams
· January 22, 2018
Ignore the term 'Garden'. This is a lovely, quirky OUTDOOR railway. To me it is much more appealing than many well manicured garden railways, however pretty they may be. Narrow gauge railways were ...not pretty in the old days, they did a job and usually ran on a shoestring. Llechfan keeps that authentic atmosphere alive and celebrates the indomitable spirit of Peter Jones. Bravo! See More
Andrew Hurrell
· September 4, 2017
Will be going back again, hopefully with a loco and train next time.
Douglas Roberts
· May 27, 2015
Lovely place, welcome and relaxed operators, great little railway for which to take one's prize engine for a walk upon on a hazy Sunday afternoon.
Adrian Wakeham
· June 11, 2017
A hidden gem, me and my daughter had a wonderful time discovering it.
Laura Griffiths
· March 17, 2016
The Nursery children love visiting the garden railway! Thank you so much for always being so accommodating for us, Deryn Bach X
Robert Tait
· March 20, 2017
Absolutely lovely group, friendly and relaxed atmosphere which was a joy to be part of - will definitely be back soon :-)
Gravity slates
Running in the rain
A few trains from today

Today's run whilst tidying up plus dragons

Battery power

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Working the Graveyard Shift this evening on Llechfan repairs. St Bunny's Churchyard ready to go back out again tomorrow.

A couple of hours after work today starting to clear Compton base area and making a start on treating buildings ready to go out for Easter (helping to clear valuable storage space) Might be a bit tricky getting a train through at the moment.

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Downloadable, eminently listenable, and Llechfan relevant, if not by name but by fractal number to close the story. Our much loved Tim Dunn offers a Boring Talk on Model Villages - which makes for a very happy way to spend 13 minutes.

The broadcaster Tim Dunn celebrates the 'little works of art' that are model villages.
Llechfan Garden Railway added 9 new photos to the album: Smoke & Sunshine.

Enjoying some very welcome warm sun as the fallen Scots Pine smouldered away to ash, with steam ambling though a quiet afternoon. With many thanks to Tom for running the Millie while we carried on clearing debris.

A few more photos of clear up. I now DO believe in miracles, as with the wonderful chainsaw skills and all round excellent help this morning - both trees are now dealt with as far as they can be, and all of the Compton Down buildings have escaped any damage! With very many thanks due to everyone that helped us with tree and with finding places to stow stuff as we start to empty garage ready for a new roof.

A Engine was run today after clearing the fallen trees

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Llechfan Garden Railway added 29 new photos to the album: Emma's visit to Llechfan.

The wind dropped a bit this afternoon, so popped back with camera and to clear a few buildings from immediately worrying areas. Much as during the last big storm that hit us taking 4 trees down, I am amazed how the branches seem to have been exactly the right shapes to miss the buildings - many of these photos are of the near misses and just how close they were! apart from the poor garage, that took the full weight of the tree. I do urge everyone to keep clear of the area until further notice please for various Elfin Safety reasons!

Storm damage sustained at Llechfan with two trees down - one of which has come down through garage roof smashing both main roof beams and corrugated panels, with the branches across the Compton Brewery buildings and Llanbedr Road station area.. The contents inside the garage are largely undamaged (many of the buildings are in there for winter storage) and as far as I can see the buildings outside are only slightly dented, the only obvious casualties there so far are the eleva...ted coal road, a trestle water tower and the station canopy - but the whole lot including steam up area is covered by the tree canopy. Buildings underneath will need some very careful extracting! The other tree down snapped the trunk, so luckily root ball hasn't pulled out damaging any trackwork - and it managed to land squarely between two of Dad's buildings without damaging them! Please stay out of the garden until we have had a chance to better assess dangers and how best to rescue things safely - which won't be until the wind drops away again as still at full storm force. Stay safe people, I am now going to hide under the duvet....

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Llechfan Garden Railway added 4 new photos to the album: Taking the Tube — with Stephen Thorpe.

A new concept in portable layouts.

14 years ago at Llechfan 2004

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A new purchase for the Llechfan collective gets some testing in. We have bought a few sections of track from the Biggest Little Railway as seen on Channel 4 - kindly delivered to us at an exhibition in Llanberis. Well it would have been rude not to use it... with many thanks to Rob and the Tyler Falls mob for being as silly as we are.

Llechfan team running trains at Llanberis Slate Museum.

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Posted by Stephen Thorpe
Stephen Thorpe is at National Slate Museum.

We made Itv Wales today with the Model Railway Show at the National Slate Museum