By downloading a file you won't need to enter a captcha anymore und you should get less advertisements on the download page.
We've also extended the storage duration of an inactive file up to 28 days.

The download page got some design modifications to look more modern and to be more efficient with our placed advertisements.
Furthermore we developed a tiny API to check the online status of your uploaded file and get any information about it. is a free upload service for files up to 1GB since 2005

Our server s6 and s7 are not needed anymore, so we removed them.

We've decided to remove the forced deactivation of AdBlock to download a file from
But it would be really nice if you could disable it for further downloads to support us. Thanks.
In addition to that, you can download files up to 100 MB (previously 25 MB) without entering any captcha.

Security is very important these days. So we decided to install a SSL certificate for using over HTTPS to protect your privacy.

It is necessary to obtain our service that you disable AdBlock for downloading a file from now on.
Thank You for the inconvenience.

Server #6 ( was replaced.

The servers #1 ( and #7 ( were replaced.

Server #2 ( was also replaced.

Our three servers #3 (, #4 ( and #5 ( were replaced.

It was time for a new layout again. The old one has only passed a year, but we wanted a modern layout. We created a responsive webdesign, so you're able to use on your tablet, smartphone and any other smaller devices aswell. If you still find some issues, please report them via email. is available at Google+! -, upload service, sharehoster, one click hoster, share, download, upload, free, file, hosting - is a so-called 1-click-hoster / sharehoster which hosts your files for free!After uploading a file you'll get a personal download link you can send to your friends all over the wo… Uploadservice updated their cover photo.
No automatic alt text available.

Due to some complaints about our captcha, we decided to change the captcha provider. So we hope it will run better.
Unfortunately it is necessary to go back to a hiding limit of 25 MB.

We need more space for you again, so server #7 ( was added.

A new server is online! Server #6 ( was added today!

We know that captchas are really annoying, but they are unfortunately neccessary for running our service. So it should be a good compromise to raise up their hiding limit to a file size of 50 MB.
In addition, we changed the font of the website to Open Sans which looks nicer and more modern.