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New York City is a union town! Can we count you in? No retreat...No Surrender. #CountMeIn

Teamsters Local 812 Shop Steward Page updated their profile picture.
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Union Beer is a disgrace - let's hope they don't buy Clare Rose. They are very anti union and look for any minimal thing and turn it into an infraction. As soon as they purchased union beer they got rid of route picking and all the side loaders. They put our product on a tractor trailer with no bays, pallets falling everywhere. We had to make up our own orders in real time in the back of the trailer while climbing over product that had fallen or broken. It was a disaster. The... men constantly complained that something had to be done but the union did nothing to prevent or assist. They told us that they could not tell the company what equipment to use and didn't do a thing when the men were being fired, injured and or harassed daily. They managed to fire nearly ever senior union man, all except 2. I worked for them for 20 years and was the shop steward. They stopped commissions for all the new employees. They stalked the drivers out on the road, had them followed even if there was GPS in the cab. Constant write ups and suspensions - if you got injured on one of their many faulty broken trucks they found a way to say it was your fault and wrote you up for it weeks later. You never knew what you were being called in to the office for because it took them weeks to manufacture bullshit write ups - and they made sure they did it at a time where you had no union delegate present, forced you to sign write ups by threatening indefinite suspension. Indefinite suspension? That meant being fired - but they would drag it out so long you couldn't get unemployment because they would say you abandoned your job. The union allowed non union men to vote on a contract we voted down, mainly because of these ramp trucks and to make sure that we didn't lose anymore of our benefits. The contract was passed and we were sacrificed one by one because of all the double talk in it. The company also uses a doctor who would send a person with a severed limb back to full duty - he's a joke. Union beer was once just like Clare Rose, a family run business that we all loved working for - the Sheehan family came along and destroyed it. There is so many more things I can say about Union Beer but you get the point. It is not a good company and the people there treat you like trash. No one makes 5 years they are conveniently fired right before they are vested. Steve Andrew Vaccaro Jr.

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Teamsters Local 812 Shop Steward Page

We have one of those filthy scabs working at Norris food plant. Martin Cruz I think the bugs name is. Local 553. Demos and mike S say they cannot do anything. How about not issue them a card??