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Will Tai
· September 9, 2017
I usually visit this location whenever I have time from school! After placing an order from here, I usually get a drink within 5 minutes, which is definitely fast for me! I'll definitely be here again! :)
Zuleima Garcia
· March 25, 2016
Looooove lollicup and boba in general but this location specifically because the staff is always Hella friendly and helpful when trying to decide on something new to try....I'm here almost every day! ...#cantgetenough See More
Loan Miller
· January 17, 2015
The service wasn't good today. There were a family, cutting the line in front of me, the cashier just took their orders without saying or doing anything, just like it was nothing wrong. I'm very disap...pointed in the service today. I am not sure about coming back to this location. See More
Sangela Chen
· October 30, 2015
Staffs are patient and polite.
Drinks taste the best!
Will ask whether the customer want to change their drink, if it's not sweet enough or too sweet.
Can't wait to go there this weekend.
Sophie Kwon
· May 10, 2017
Wonderfully smooth -can't get enough! I can see you've got many fans.
Deborah Majen
· July 2, 2017
Melon snow with boba � is refreshing and delightful
Andrew Trejo
September 24, 2012
You guys should make your cups refillable, because I finish my drink in like 5 minutes. And it would less of an impact on the environment if your cups had lids.
Viviana Takoda Jaya
· May 16, 2015
Love the drinks, flavors are delicious and I can't even decide what is my favorites.
Brian Winterstein
· June 19, 2016
Quite delicious. ..especially the boba. Some flavours can be a bit to sweet.
James Ting
· November 12, 2013
this is not your average Lollicup that you see else where. The staffs are friendly, young spirited, and the drinks are made miles away better.
· July 29, 2014
Love everything in Lollicup and Staffs are friendly
Shaun Ito
· November 18, 2013
The best boba store on earth!
Peta-Gaye Hylton
· November 16, 2014
Love tha Honey dew boba had my taste buds screaming lol.
Brian Charlie
February 11, 2013
I'm always leaving happy from this place.
Monica De Leon
· September 21, 2014
Fast and friendly.
John P. Chan
November 6, 2013
I heart boba!
Su Heng Ti
October 2, 2012
Nice page! I like it

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Davion D Tran
January 1, 2015
Starting off the year right. Getting the DK Special: ice green tea with lychee jelly and no sugar
Loddy Hansaya
February 18, 2012
Almond milktea with egg pudding and mini boba!

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On May 8 we will be terminating our relationship with our cash register company and integrating with a new partner. This will effect some items like outstanding digital coupons, loyalty, and online ordering.


What Will Change:

1. Online Ordering: If you currently have an online login, that will need to be re-registered on our new platform.
2. Loyalty Points: You WILL NOT lose your existing points. However the system will be completely down May 7 and possibly one more day on May 8. During this transition we are unable redeem or earn any loyalty points.
3. Existing Digital Coupons from Square Emails will ALL terminate May 6.

We want to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope for a smooth transition.

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