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VIDEO #2: "Why is kettlebell the focus of your training with clients?"

Hey! Did you snag your seat for my FREE week-long event starting this Monday? It's called "Too Busy to Cook: 5 Days to Learn Fast, Healthy Food Strategies."

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This event was created because I understand how difficult eating healthy can be sometimes.


ESPECIALLY if you're anything like me and you work lots of hours - and have too little energy left - to prep a healthy meal from scratch in the kitchen each day.

I needed strategies to help me stay lean and healthy with natural, whole foods, and this is the BEST of what I've learned over the past six years as fitness & nutrition coach.

If you struggle to get leaner at least in part because you don't have the time or energy to whip up gorgeous healthy meals each day in the kitchen.....'re gonna LOVE this event.

Click the link and let's get you some solutions ---->

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Hey! I’m thinking about writing a really epic blog post about practical strategies for eating healthier on a busy, hectic schedule. But I want to make sure this blog helps you. So what do you REALLY want to know about eating healthy on the run?

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Post below in the comments. We can all take one step forward!

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I could use your help. First, two questions:

1) Are you struggling to lose weight right now?


2) Are you a busy professional? (That is, you are highly skilled or studied in your area of expertise.)

I am looking to interview a few people for some insights on something I am working on.

If you're interested, and answered "yes" to each of those questions, comment below or message me and say "I'm interested!" I will respond right away so that we can schedule a brief call.

Thank you!

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Yes, it's a sneaky one people don't think about enough. More on that here:

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Have you wondered why losing weight & getting fit are so difficult? A key factor that determines success is having social support! Join my FB group & get positive, energizing support everyday, as well as powerful advice on fitness & nutrition:

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Back in 2007, I read a column in the New York Times by Bob Herbert that greatly impacted me and has allowed me ever since to stay lean, even as I creep ever closer to 40.

In the column, Mr. Herbert warned of the serious consequences sugary beverages had on the nation's health and waistlines. A political argument was made in the column, too, but I'll leave that aside for now. The point is the data and facts he strung together shocked me into changing my behavior.

Most impor...tantly, he made a powerful statement that lingered with me for over a decade (paraphrasing): "There is no more dangerous and easy way to gain weight than to drink your calories." Since then, I have largely sworn myself off of consuming caloric beverages, limiting myself to an occasional Horchata (Mexican drink) or sweet tea every couple weeks.

Look, you don't need to go cold turkey, or reduce your caloric beverage intake as much as I did to see great benefits. Instead, I offer a few good strategies here:

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This is too good to not share right away. Hit "like" if you agree! Thanks Kate SOLO for the super-succint, no B.S. answer to that age old question. 😀

[NEW BLOG ARTICLE] Not ready to eat less of the foods you enjoy, but still want to make progress toward getting leaner? Try this instead!

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Have you wondered why losing weight & getting fit are so difficult? A key factor that determines success is having social support. Join my FREE Facebook group and get energizing support everyday, as well as powerful advice on fitness & nutrition:

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This hilarious video is shared in my nutrition coaching program as a POSITIVE example of eating. And, yes, I share this man's enthusiasm for the Incredible Cheeseburger. Wanna know the lesson? Well, you gotta join for that, but we definitely have fun

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Never start with high-intensity training. Decades of sedentary living in the modern world leaves most people (including those in their 20s's) without the movement skill or strength to dive into intense training. What you need is time to improve your mobility, stability, basic movement patterns, and strength. THEN - and only then - can you safely reap the benefits of intense training.

Orthopedic specialists worry strenuous routines are putting undue strain on inexperienced athletes.|By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel

In the run up to my nutrition program, I am offering a free taste of the kind of coaching you can receive.

If you KNOW your diet needs help, here is an easy way to set things straight.

This infographic guide was created by Precision Nutrition, the company I am certified with and whose online platform I use to guide clients in my coaching program.


Click below and check it out!

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This is the hard truth I encountered training my clients.

And yet...

This does not mean exercise is ineffective for fat loss.


THREE strength training workouts per week does lead to significant fat loss.

But that amount creates a problem.

Most folks have little time to spare with jobs and families. They already struggle to get in just two workouts each week.

Which means if you still want to improve your apperance and take care of your health, better food choices is a MUST.

That is why I will be re-launching a newly upgraded nutrition coaching service on Monday, June 12th.

This decision was two years in the making. Discover the five lessons I learned about fat loss and training clients here:

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Exercise is partial solution to improving your body.

I am no longer OK with offering only a partial solution.

In this blog, discover the FIVE LESSONS I learned from training dozens of clients have me re-launching my nutrition coaching service on Monday, June 12th.


Not only has the coaching been dramatically improved, but it will be available to anyone in the world, not just my Chicago kettlebell training clients.

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In 2015, after three years of offering nutrition coaching, I ended the service entirely. Why? First, while I enjoyed helping others with nutrition, my primary passion was strength training and I wanted to take time to sharpen my skills helping people move better, gain muscle, and build strength. Sec...

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