His toy got stuck!
I got snow boots for my 11.5 year old dog and he is decidedly not happy with me.
This is my puppy. My puppy is quite silly.

I’m at the office & wearing a sweater and I’m sweltering. But the tank top I have on underneath isn’t work appropriate. Guess I’ll go ahead and melt into a puddle.

I’m almost done with my RITA award judging and I’m so thrilled with the books I got this year. All were authors I’d never heard of, most were pretty great, and one is a new fave!


I present you with a still life: Author at the roller skate rink.

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Being alive in the time where giant sweaters and leggings are acceptable outdoor clothes is a gift. A miraculous gift. Only a hundred years separates us from corsets!

Sometimes I go to and remind myself that some people buy $12,600 bracelet cuffs that look exactly like what I can buy at Charming Charlie’s for $10. Except real gold. That life exists.

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Don't forget to stay up to date on Lesbian Book Bingo! Every month there are different reading lists that fill blocks!

To make 2018 a little more interesting for all avid readers of lesbian fiction, I got together with a bunch of fellow lesbian book addicts and came up with a fun reading challenge: Lesbian Book Bingo!

I actually consumed water today. I’m so proud of me.

I’m researching top end California real estate for book reasons and I find I have a hard time even conceptualizing 17,500 square feet. Is that as big as Walmart? As big as my kids’ schools? It’s literally 6 times the size of my house.

I’ve given myself permission to stop reading a pleasant but unremarkable book, so I’m now working on my planner, drinking a beer, and watching Clara Bow in IT. I’m on brand.

You know it’s damned cold out when the hockey rink feels relatively warm.

Have you heard about Lesbian Book Bingo? Jae is organizing it, and there's year long opportunities to win books. Including a couple of mine! Definitely check it out!

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Jae Author

2017 was a tough year for many, so I'm hoping to make 2018 a little better with a fun reading challenge: Lesbian Book Bingo.

It's a year-long event, with many ...opportunities to win great books and to discover new authors!

Take a look at the rules on my blog and get your bingo card now:

Happy New Year!

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My dogs’ tummies are both making really weird noises, which has me wondering what they got into and ate.

I got snow boots for my 11.5 year old dog and he is decidedly not happy with me.

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Posted by Lorelie Brown

Today I knocked two major tasks off my to do list and now I’m drinking tea and eating shortbread cookies while it snows outside. I plan to do nothing productive for the rest of the day. This is contentment.

I have so many things to do! Better make a list so I don’t forget them.

*opens planner*

I forgot them.