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Been trying to do more sketching...

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Many of you who are my friends on my personal FB page have seen this already, but I figured I should probably put it on my art page too hehe. This is my most recent creation. I custom painted my Riedell Derby Skates and I'm open for custom commissioned work

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Just wanted to say hey to everyone and that I'm still around! Sorry for the miserable lack of updates, I've just been super busy and had alot on my plate ranging from work, to side projects, to just getting in some relaxing time playing games and hiking 😊 🌞

Just in case anyone missed this... I super talented artist Adam White is in need of help! Please consider donating & requesting art and sharing this link forward.

What started as a painful emergency room visit, turned into a hospital stay surrounded by neurologists diagnosing me with early stages of Multiple Sclerosis and Paresthesias. Nearing 36 years of my life, I am in a low place. After all the testing, X-Rays, CT Scans, and spinal MRI imaging, the bills…

Video footage shot from the Oil & Ink show @ Deux Ex Machina.. You can see my poster a few times in the video

Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.

I have a piece showing here for any LA based friends so inclined. I may go myself Friday if I can get off work

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John Christenson

The Oil & Ink Motorbike Print Expo will be in Venice CA this weekend....Stop by the opening on Friday May 16th 6-9pm at Deus Ex Machina USA

The Show will hang May16-18th

Limited Edition Artist Prints will be for sale at the shows....Hope to see you there!

Update photo from Oil & Ink show getting items framed.. You look you can glimpse mine

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Oil & Ink Motorbike Print Expo

Burning the midnight oil at the Oil&Ink Headquarters to get all the art framed for this weekends show at The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

So fellow artists.... What's your favorite way to practice drawing?

Do you like to draw monsters? Maybe you like to draw Characters from favorite TV shows? I'd love to know

I like trying to draw people on my lunch break or stuff I see on TV.

Love taking a nice quiet lunch break at the local sushi place near work and sketching

Peek at something new I'm trying

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Well I sent off my piece for the Oil & Ink art show I can hardly wait to get to see it printed up.

Still planning on finishing a couple other poster ideas that I liked just because haha.

I also have another project idea in the works. (^_-)

Quickie to photo of my screen of the next project in line. I'm having so much fun drawing these

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Ok well I "think" I'm done maybe... Any thoughts?

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Sorry all for the lack of daily updates. I'm still working on the Moto Girl below and trying to get the background balance right And it hasn't really been worth showing yet. That said I'm hoping to be finished this weekend and have it be worth the wait!

further update. Just a bit more to go with border details and such. I'm torn over whether to add any text or not. Also colors are still pending. I haven't really settled on a base color.. and I might change the outlines to a soft black instead of brown.

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Working on this piece again... Also treated myself to a Cintiq 22HD

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