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  • Founder (company)Dublin, Ireland
    We’re brand building experts leading our clients including entrepreneurs, SMB and SME business owners, brand managers, consultants and coaches, through the process of successfully shaping and developing their brands to become highly visible, different, distinctive, memorable and much loved by their ideal customers because this is at the heart of what makes brands become really profitable and ongoing customer attracting magnets.

    We work with you, whether you’re in the early years of rapid growth spurts or well established and hungry to seriously accelerate your business to the next level.

    You can engage us through a combination of VIP One-to-One Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Design, High Performance Branding Masterminds, Rapid Results Branding Bootcamps and On-Demand Brand Accelerator e-Programmes because each one of these bespoke systems has been tried and tested using the Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ to ensure you get the perfect solution to fit your specific needs at the right time.

    Whether you want us to build your brand for you, lead you through the brand building process or enable you to grow your brand yourself each of these branding solutions has been built to suit your particular needs so you’re empowered to increase your success, grow your profits and be No.1 in your target market.

    Decide which solution you want, or a combination of all three, to make your brand into a profit powerhouse and get in touch. We’d love to give you the branding expertise you want, tailored to your needs, and be part of your brand building success story.
About Lorraine
  • Lorraine Carter is founder and principal of Persona Branding & Design, an award winning, multi-disciplinary branding and design company helping their clients become No. 1 in their target market. A winner of numerous awards over 20 plus years, she's worked with brands from a multitude of sectors for both the national and international markets, many of which are household names.

    As a professional branding expert, designer, writer, speaker and trainer her skill lies in helping you define and articulate your brands' position and purpose, be that company, product or service, and bringing it to life in a way that's relevant to your primary target audience—so that you command lead position, increase your success, and most importantly, grow your profitability.

    A regular speaker at conferences and seminars, she also delivers programmes in effective brand creation, building and management, is Winner of Best Blog Ireland of an SME and is also a former winner of Business Woman of the Year, Dublin and listed as one of the top 1,000 Women of Influence in Ireland in the Irish Tatler Business Annual. She’s also featured in The Sunday Business Post, Irish Packaging Year Book, Irish Tatler Magazine and Food Ireland to name a few.

    Here’s the question, do you have a robust branding strategy that’s underpinning your profitability, helping you increase your market share and ensuring you maintain lead position in your sector?

    Can you clearly articulate what your brand stands for and what makes it different to your competitors?

    Are you being dragged into a price war or discounting where only those with the deepest pockets can win?

    Do you know the critical ingredients for massive brand success?

    Or are you considering re-branding and just don’t know where to start to ensure a successful return on your investment?

    Branding is essentially about winning and keeping customers,
    about influencing choice . . . about finding and dominating your place in the market.

    If your company is struggling to make your brand the most profitable top performer in your target market then give us a call or checkout our Mastermind Brand Building Blueprint™ Programme

    Find out how to start building or revitalising your brand in 6 simple steps so your brand can become the No. 1 brand of preferred choice in its target market and increase your profitability.

    To find out more simply give us a call today at +353 1 8322724 or

    drop us a line to email: branddiscovery@personadesign.ie

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    E: branddiscovery@personadesign.ie
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