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  • Cuando el camino se pone duro solo "Los Mas Duros

    J.o aka Jose Gomez and M.a.n.ny aka Angel Lopez met back in 2007 thru their producer Jefe aka Jeffrey Rivera who also happens to be j.o's brother and Lui G aka Luis Rivera who is jefes producer partner. Manny was already a solo artist working with such artists as Borinken, bubu, rom3, chuchu, and many more manny stayed working with Jefe and Lui G for a 2 years and then Manny started a company with Jefe and Lui G named "Alto Kailbre Music" in 2009 that included artist like Ricky diaz, Neptune and Rom3 then a few months later j.o became an active member of the label then the label quickly made a name for itself and as quickly as they came up the company went down because of diffrences in opinions they all took a break for a while then j.o and manny linked back up and with the support and production of "Los Supersonicos" (Jefe Y Lui G) J.o Y Manny aka "Los Mas Duros" are now making their mark on the local reggaeton, R&B and HipHop scene performing in various venus and working with alot of local artist they now have a growing fan base now they have a very promising carreer with the support of hundreds hoping to make that into millions....
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