Sometimes the simple things stump us. Figured it out though...but my brain hurts! LOL

Chaotic Robotics

Even coaches get stumped sometimes. A student asked me about something last week and I didn't know told them I will find out. 90 minutes later, some videos and trial and error, now I know! Even the teacher is a student! We learn together.

So excited that we are able to help those in our community! Robotics/Legos/Motors...a great way to learn.

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Chaotic Robotics

Ms Sandberg from Pembroke Village School reached out and asked if Chaotic Robotics had something to help a certain student...we did! This kit will be dropped off for them to use for a few months. Love that we can help and support our schools! Win win

Create leads without memory Joggers, home meetings or bugging ...

Let's clear this up with the science behind why we see different colors

We woke up on the morning of 2/27/14 and facebook and twitter feeds were swamped with images of a dress. No, this isn’t the Grammy Awards or Oscars, but rather a dress that an average girl took a photo of and shared with her friends. Then the debate began, is it black/blue or white/gold. How …

Today's struggles make you stronger for tomorrow

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Did you know your about me page is one of the most visited pages on your blog. Here are some tips for a successful page

Tell your Story – Create an about me page Your about me page is where you can reveal your personality…it’s the heart of what you do. Think about it…in the network marketing community there are hundreds and thousands of distributors all around you, promoting the same products, the same opportunity. …

This summer we were at the Museum of Natural History in DC and my son found a display of "diamond star dust." It came from a supernova Since space and astronomy is his passion he was in AWE!

We also saw the Hope Diamond...which one would impress you more???

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Today's Affirmation - I am consistent in my daily action marketing plan.

New business habit for September. Each day Set a timer for 10 minutes and work on something that is just bugging you and you never have time for. 10 minutes to organize your desk, go through your slips of paper with notes, pick a small task and just do that. You can do anything for 10 minutes!

So happy to be back online...after a fun filled summer with the kids, I just spent the morning catching up and making my plans for the next 90 days. Blogs, Photos, Quotes, Training all coming! I miss you guys!

Working on my "to do" list for tomorrow. While there are a LOT of things on my list that will help with marketing, updating blogs etc...the number 1 thing is CALLING and making connection. I have about 40 follow up calls to make...all leads generated in August. Time to make connections.

We can learn a lot from my daughter! Do you live in the moment?

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For all my work for yourself friends...don't forget to take a break and have a snack, stretch and reenergize!

Today's agenda - 2 hours blocked off for follow up phone calls #freedombiz.

So grateful for Grandparents - I'm putting in some extra time these next two weeks to create some extra income for our 2 week road trip in August. Grandpa and Grandma are taking the kids for a few days.

Do you kids get to spend time with their grandparents?

Question of the day - Do you work your business more/less or the same in the summer months?

I love being able to type a "how to" question in the google search bar and getting my answer within a minute! Now I can cross that off my list.