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Albert Dros’ most fascinating photographs from around the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and various obscure shots.
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Introducing Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, the first website builder that designs a stunning website for you.

Albert Dros is an amazing photographer. In his interview with Wix Writer Jonathan Sitbon, he shows us several of his most fascinating photographs from around th...e world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and various more obscure shots.

His gallery will blow your mind. And if you are a bit of a photography buff, or a professional, the article will hook you up with the best and most affordable website galleries available online today!

Take a read, or at least scroll through the photos, absolutely stunning.

Visit: In Search of the Perfect Landscape with Photographer Albert Dros

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by Wix Writer Jonathan Sitbon 10 minute read Some people dedicate their whole life to finding a single item, be it true love,...

How long did you last? New Year’s Resolutions?? For one of mine I lasted 12 hours. Another two days. Some are still going, but…How did you do so far this year??...

If you are a business owner or eCommerce merchant, Michelle da Silva has written a great article this January about 10 resolutions every business owner should keep.

This one isn’t about hitting the yoga mat, or laying off the devilish treats. Just some common sense, great advice for your business. Some resolutions worth making and keeping for a prosperous 2018!

Take a read and start kicking ass this 2018
10 Resolutions Every Business Owner Should Keep in 2018

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by Shopify Writer: Michelle daSilva 6 minute read A new year signals a fresh start. For many people, Jan. 1 offers a chance to assess ...

This one was meant for business owners working from home, but I think it is great for overall MENTAL HEALTH for everyone. A great read for the lonely or the isolated.

Feeling lonely? As an entrepreneur there are many benefits to working alone: no shackles to a cubicle and a punch-card, you’re free to make your own hours or wo...rk from the road. But isolation can become lonely and working as an entrepreneur can bring about social blues.

In here article Feeling Lonely? 5 Ways to Cure the Entrepreneurship Blues, Dayna Winter touches on the lifestyle of the introverted and entrepreneurs whom are alone A LOT of the time. She provides some great ‘beat work-from-home isolation’ tricks for entrepreneurs and others whom are feeling lonely. Some of her pointers include how to stay connected through changing the scenery, offline meetings, making (real friends) and online communities plus plenty more.

With the darker months of winter approaching, this is a great article for anyone who feels the blues or gets lonely from long hours working alone, or the isolation felt by introverts!

Take a look: Feeling Lonely? 5 Ways to Cure the Entrepreneurship Blues…/feeling-lonely-5-way…

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by Shopify Writer Dayna Winter 11 minute read I’m prone to squirrelling myself away, binging on Netflix and hunching over DIY or writi...

This article was written for business owners, but it definitely is an intriguing run-down about the human brain and how it processes EMOTIONS... a great read worth sharing

People are emotional creatures. Not only in romance and relational interactions, but also when deciding whether or not to pull out their wallets.

If you are a ...merchant or entrepreneur, increasing sales and conversion rates on your online store or eCommerce business is obviously very important to you.

Understanding how the brain makes decisions can help you use emotional persuasion with your customers and clients - to improve your bottom line.

In her article Emotional Persuasion 101: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Use It, Shanelle Mullin provides an intriguing rundown of emotional psychology and how a better understanding of the decision-making processes can be used to your advantage in business.

I found this article interesting for work and simply for general information on understanding people and how we tick.

Give it a read! Emotional Persuasion 101: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Use It…/emotional-persuasion…

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by Shopify Writer Shanelle Mullin 10 minute read Understanding psychology is the key to understanding decision-making processes. Often...

Too many tweets and posts to keep up with... try email marketing! It works!

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Capture More Email Subscribers
Too many Tweets and FB posts to keep up with.
Email Marketing works!

Beer and Yoga - the latest trend...

Studios offering beer & yoga classes have popped up all over the world, including in London, New York and Sydney.

I love a nice German beer, but in the middle of my class? I don’t know. Perhaps, if it’s an outdoor class in the blazing sun! Hmmm, Beer and Yoga, well, Thank God it’s FRIDAY!! (TGIF)

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by Bridie Pierson-Jones | The Independent It's hard to keep up with yoga trends. There's hot yoga, naked yoga, doga (that's dog yoga),...

Is your yoga or fitness studio getting the membership numbers you are hoping for? This article may help you pump up your brand by finding a UNIQUE selling proposition about your club - and reel in the new members!

So you’ve finally decided to go ahead with that crazy ecommerce business idea and decided to setup your online store! But the real question is, what’s so uniqu...e about what you’re selling? In other words, why does your company or brand matter?

Answer these questions honestly and sincerely and you’re bound to get a unique selling point that will not only stick out in your target consumer’s mind, but will have them coming back time and time again.

Formulating your unique selling proposition may be key to your success.
Find out how: Why Your Online Store Needs a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to Thrive…/why-your-online-stor…

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by Shopify Writer Humayun Khan 6 minute read You’ve finally decided to go ahead with that crazy ecommerce business idea and decided to ...

Yoga Can Help Improve Symptoms of Depression, Finds Study

Find out how Downward Facing Dog can lift your spirits, and your mental health!…/yoga-can-help-improve-sym…

by Sarah Young; Independent 2 minute read Doing the downward-facing dog could help lift your mood Scientists say that there is one f...