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Originally published at on December 17, 2017.
People know love is important, but many don’t know how
Originally published by Dr. Travis Bradberry on
As an online dating photographer based in San Francisco, I work with many people from all walks of life — those who are recently single…
Until you love something, you’ll never give everything you have for it.
Not only do controlling relationships involve codependent, destructive behavior — though that's a major piece to the issue — but you're often in too deep before you realize what's really happening. And that's because people who are controlling or ma…
Why is marriage in retreat among young Americans? Because it is now much easier for men to find sexual satisfaction outside marriage, argues Mark Regnerus.
The empathy trap: therapists and counselors almost by definition are empathic, to facilitate clients' recovery - but this quality can mean those carers are targets for sociopaths, aided by what Dr Jane & Tim McGregor call "apaths". The first UK...
Have you ever been in a relationship with a narcissist or a sociopath, and they constantly tried to tell you that you were the one who was crazy?
How do we form a first impression? According to Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, it all boils down to two simple questions.
If you’re alive, you have been rejected. From the days of not being picked on the playground to the “sorry, you’re not what we’re looking…
From the beach, I can hear the sound of seagulls crying. Or are they laughing? Every grain of sand underneath my body has its own answer…