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Just chillin' with the Malc, as you do! I was unsure whether to post this. We're about vanquishing cancer, not politics. Putting politics aside, I can tell you that Malcolm was a fucking good egg. As an actor of many years, my bullshit radar is pretty well-tuned, and I believed him. He gives a shit. He and Lucy bought some socks, and I can celebrate that with my Village cos there are no Negative Nellies here. I didn't want to turn up to Canberra without a Love Your Sister lapel pin to offset the other hardware I was supposed to wear, so I ordered a bunch of quite spunky pins. If you lot wanna 'represent' when you’re out and about, I've put a pic in the comments section. Hope you like them, they're way better than most of the other crap pins I’ve seen, if you want my honest opinion. There's rainbow ones too, since we want to vanquish all the cancers. Or for those who wanna endorse free love. Or both! Oh wait, did you hear me heckle the Malc after his opening speech at the ceremony? Is it still a heckle if it's affirmative? I was so rapt with his care-factor earlier in the day so after he finished talking, in a packed Marble Room at Govt House, I yelled out 'ONYA MALC!' in my biggest stage voice. It split the room, and he couldn't help it, I made him grin like a Cheshire! Can someone at the Prime Minister's Office please tell him that it was me? So fun. Love getting involved. I'm so thrilled to be back home at LYS HQ after all the hoopla. We have a huge year planned. If it doesn't blow you away, I'll eat my lapel pin. Yours more determinedly than ever, Samuel P.S. For the 14 people in the country who don't yet have some super-comfy, cancer-vanquishing Connie Cottonsocks (or if your fam already stole yours), we've still got a few pairs left in the link downunder. And lapel pins are in there too. All the things!

It was always Connie’s book, that’s why it’s by “Connie & Samuel Johnson”, not the other way round.

When Connie told me she wanted to go public after her diagnosis, alarm bells went off in my head. All of them.

I explained to her that, when my girlfriend Lainie died in ’06, I had PR advice telling me to put one interview on record, to help the issue go away. It didn’t go away. It was shit advice. Going public put Lainie’s family and friends through hell. It didn’t help them... one bit, nor me. I hated myself for it. I explained to Connie that you don’t understand the value of anonymity until it’s gone, and you can never get it back. That it can hurt families bad.

I wasn’t sure that a public crusade was the right thing for Connie. For our family. For her little boys.

I told my sister it was a bit like Pandora’s box. I challenged her to ask herself how far would she be willing to go? Would she, for example, be willing to be photographed nude after her double mastectomy, if it meant, say, a donation from a glossy?

She said she would. A couple years later, she did exactly that. I needn't have feared. It's all been SO worth it.

It was always Connie’s book, but I had to have Hilde help me finish it. I couldn’t write the story of Connie’s final days alone. Thank god for sisters.

It’s all in here: We’ve hustled to get it to you in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. They're signed by me and Hilde and I turned Connie's signature into a stamp, coz she never wanted to stop signing them. Pink, of course.


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It comes down to this. We have new goodies. If you love us put a ring on it y'all. Shiz-dizzle. Premium quality. Premium cause. So gangsta. Represent. (insert chortle) xsammy

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